TUESDAY, AUGUST 29TH, 2000 (7:00PM)

Present: Eric Vormelker, Lisa Schneider, Gail Bailey, Carol Olewin, Colin Garvey, Gary Hollar, Fred Daughtry, Rindy Fox, Daniel Zmud, Martin Thomen, Kimberley Eerkes, Cassandra McGrath, Jackie Wright

I. Introductions/Organizational Discussion--Eric Vormelker

-Establish main contact for Skyview Neighborhood Association:

It was decided that Eric Vormelker should assume the role as primary contact for the Skyview Neighborhood Association at this time. He will contact the City to make that official. Lisa Schneider will be acting Treasurer for the time being.

-Identify block representatives/information contacts

We discussed the need to have one person on each street serve as information contacts for each street in Skyview.

-Collection box for printing costs

Money was collected for a petty cash fund ($18) for future printing costs and other miscellaneous things.

-Set up time for next meeting (see below)

II. Capital Metro Light Rail Section 4, Option B--Gail Bailey

-Information and action items about the proposed light rail line

Gail Bailey and Carol Olewin made a presentation regarding Capital Metro's plans to put in a light rail line through the field between Skyview Road and Reilly Elementary School (Denson). They presented a map of the area and listed several reasons why Skyview Neighborhood Association should be opposed to the Section 4, Option B dog leg. They pointed out that this is just one of two options being presented by Capital Metro for this part of the North Lamar route and we as a neighborhood should oppose this and recommend that Capital Metro choose Section 4, Option A (straight down N.Lamar) for the following reasons:

NOTE: The Skyview Neighborhood Association is not officially opposing or supporting Light Rail in general. We are only taking issue with part of this particular section of the route.

Gail has created a petition which she will make available to all neighborhood contacts referencing all of the above issues. We will need help to collect as many signatures as possible and plan to present the petition to a Capital Metro representative at our next meeting (hopefully:-) It was also suggested that residents should email or call our city council representatives about this issue. We'll include their contact info below.

If anyone has any Reilly Elementary PTA contact, please contact Gail Bailey.

III. Neighborhood Planning Process--Lisa Schneider
-Information about upcoming North Loop/Highland Neighborhood Planning meetings

Lisa Schneider explained what is happening in the Austin Neighborhood Planning Process and how it affects our neighborhood. Two years ago, the City Council divided the city into 20 "planning areas" in the "central core" of the city. It's plan is basically to work with neighborhood representatives in each "planning area" to determine what the neighborhood wants to work toward in the next 5-20 years. The final plans will be attached to the Austin Tomorrow plan and will be consulted every time something might be done in that area.

The Skyview Neighborhood is officially in the Highland Neighborhood Planning Area which is bounded by Koenig, Lamar, Anderson and approximately I35. The planning for this area is slated to be started in 2000-2001 (probably the Spring of 2001).

In the meantime, the planning area just to the south of us (North Loop Planning Area) is starting their planning meetings NEXT Wednesday, September 6th at Ridgetop Elementary School (51st and Caswell), from 7-9pm. They encompass 3 neighborhoods which border Airport (Northfield, Eye-35, Morningside Ridgetop).

We feel that because we have Koenig and several other streets in common with the Northfield Neighborhood Association (as well as a psychological connection), we should be involved in BOTH of these processes. We discussed that our involvement would foster a positive relationship with the neighborhoods to the south of us and bring the Koenig issue into their discussions. Lisa Schneider and Cassandra McGrath will go to the next meeting and report back at our next meeting. Anyone else interested in joining this initial process is encouraged to attend this September 6th meeting as well.

IV. Open discussion of other issues: Neighborhood Watch, Newsletter, Block Parties, etc...

-Everyone expressed interest in all of the above. Lisa Schneider has information on Neighborhood Watch, and it was tentatively suggested that we use a future meeting to get together with our district police representative; and that the process would perhaps be best approached on a street-by-street basis. Anyone wanting to get the ball rolling for their street can call Lisa for details, or contact Officer Eric Oakmon at 834-7909.

-Fred Daughtry offered the use of Skyview Baptist Church's copy machine and paper for newsletter production, and their space for future meetings. (In an email discussion, Alex Zwarun has offered to assist in production of a newsletter, but he will need help should anyone wish to volunteer.)

-Eric Vormelker will set up a website. One will be housed for free at the Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network.

-Martin Thomen requested that we get more information on the plans for the empty Butter Krust factory. Eric Vormelker will make inquiries regarding this item. Newspaper articles have reported that it was purchased by Hoover's Online, with plans to refurbish the existing building.

Thanks to Skyview Baptist Church for generously offering their space to meet.
And special thanks to everyone who came to the meeting! It was a great start!

Fellowship Hall
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City Council info:
Mayor Kirk Watson				499-2250
Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Goodman	499-2255
Raul Alvarez					499-2264
Beverly Griffith				499-2258
Daryl Slusher					499-2260
Danny Thomas					499-2266
Will Wynn						499-2256