Fellowship Hall
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2001 7:30 PM

In attendance: Bruce Logan, Sam Staples, Eric Vormelker, Lisa Schneider, Fred Daughtry, Rachel Cowart, Rindy Fox, Gail Bailey, Bridget Patke, Janis Ehlinger, Steve Greenhow

We started this meeting by nailing down the schedule for the newsletter (every two months), and Fred requested contributions for a file he'll compile to draw from for future newsletters.

Lisa passed along some information from the Northfield Neighborhood meeting regarding problems with people hanging out at the convenience store and at the burned down house near North Loop on Ave. F, and we made a note to get more information from the police representative when we meet with him at the Neighborhood watch meeting.

We solidified plans for the Neighborhood Watch meeting with our police representative. After discussion, Rindy agreed to put together a small questionnaire for block captains to hand out to the neighbors on their street. Fred would produce them and get them back to the block captains, and all information would be collected by December 3.

After some discussion as to the best night to hold the Neighborhood Watch meetings with the police reps, we determined to let the neighbors decide by including a question on the questionnaire. We did decide to hold those meetings in January and February.

Rachel had a short item to discuss. Someone has been playing extremely loud music sometime between 4 and 5 am, apparently from somewhere around Dillard Circle. She believes it's people working in the American Statesman distribution warehouse. We suggested she call the Statesman and the police next time it happens. Sam also had noticed the music, and Eric has since also been awoken by it.

Finally, we discussed the idea of a Holiday social. We decided to see if the elementary school would be available for 2pm on Sunday, December 9th. If not, we would use Skyview Baptist Church Fellowship Hall on our usual Tuesday evening, but start early, at 6:30. We decided to make it a dessert party, and Lisa volunteered her services as a caricature artist. We decided on a white elephant party (just something from around the house, no need to buy anything). Lisa and Rindy also discussed plans to make the party a food drive for the Capitol Area Food Bank and a pet food drive for the service for the homeless where Rindy works.