In attendance: Officer Brent Dupre (APD), Jacque Wright, Teres Jimenez, Patty Quinzi, Paul Quinzi, Melissa Holman, Mike Grady, Eric Verret, Debbie Wisneski, Davene Cain, Kelley Cain, Eric Vormelker, Lisa Schneider, Amos Hunter, Jessica Allison, Kelly Paschal, Carol Olewin, Gary Olewin, Jason Scanlan, Sara Scanlan, Gail Bailey, Colin Garvey, Eric Swenson, Lee Edwards, Daniel Zmud, Margaret Kellogg

  • Meeting with Officer Brent Dupre about Neighborhood Crime Issues

    The Skyview Neighborhood Association meeting Wednesday evening was well attended. APD Officer, Brent Dupre was on hand to provide an update on the most recent vehicle break-ins in our neighborhood. A man named Mike Ellis was recently arrested for failing to register as a sex offender and APD was able to tie his prints to at least 6 of the most recent Skyview break-ins.

    Officer Dupre said that stolen property is usually not recovered, but it can help to engrave your driver's license # (NOT your Social Security #!!!!) on your car stereo. Crime will always be a factor but we can minimize the impact by adjusting some of our habits.

    The main thing to do is not leave anything in your car. Every CD is worth a minimum of $2 to a criminal. You are susceptible to an auto break-in if you leave change, CDs, or other items in view, or stereo equipment unprotected. And if you have a detachable face-plate on your stereo, make sure to get in the habit of bringing it in EVERY night. Criminals may walk through our neighborhood every evening waiting for the one time one of us leaves something in the car.

    If you see something suspicious looking, don't hesitate to call 911. Get to know your neighbors and let each other know what's going on. Don't publicize when you are leaving town but inform a neighbor who can keep an eye for suspicious activity.

    If your car is broken into, moving it or even touching it before the Police have a chance to investigate is considered tampering with evidence (and will render it un-usable) so call 911 as soon as you realize that you have been burglarized and don't touch anything.

    Also at the meeting, we learned about the planning sessions that will be taking place and how we can have a say in improvements.

    One of those improvements we discussed is managing the reckless traffic that we get through our neighborhood. Some times it's one of us who speeds through, not just passers through who are trying to avoid the light at Avenue F. There are a number of children who play in their yards and adults also who walk strollers or pets in the neighborhood that need to be protect from speeders. There were a few ideas thrown out such as placing strategic stop signs or speed bumps, having the speed limit lowered, or have a police officer monitor speeds and hand out tickets.