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Travis County Emergency Unit is a 503-c-3 non-profit corporation. As such, If you make a donation to our organization you may recieve some tax advantages. Please check with your tax advisor.

Mailing address:

Travis County Emergency Unit, Inc. P.O. Box 141592 Austin, Texas 78714-1592

We appreciate your support!

Travis County Emergency Unit, Inc.

Officers and Board of Directors 2007


PRESIDENT: Diane Doolittle 4601 Copano Court Austin, Texas 78749 512/282-1698

PRESIDENT: Dean Woodley 12421 Wycliff Lane Austin, Texas 78727 512/837-3025

VICE-PRESIDENT: Lori Peterhans

SEC./TREASURER: Steve Carlson 11902 Braewood Drive Austin, Texas 78758 512/837-2103

CAPTAIN: Roy Lenoch



PLACE 1: Andy Simmons Expires 2009

PLACE 2: Neil Crump Term Expires: 2006 1610 Wilshire Blvd. Austin, Texas 78722 512/771-6075

PLACE 3: Lew Thompson Expires 2009

PLACE 4: Mike Vandermate Term Expires: 2007 5701 Pino Lane Austin, Texas 78744 512/442-3323

PLACE 5: Roy Lenoch Term Expires: 2008 847 Ponderosa Loop Paige, Texas 78659 512/303-0944

PLACE 6: Cynthia Banks Term Expires: 2008 1212 Speer Lane Austin, Texas 78745 512/462-3120