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As part of its preparation for the celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2002, the Texas Library Association is seeking nominations of individuals and organizations to honor as Texas Library Champions. The Association will designate one hundred individuals and organization who by their activities, leadership, donations, and overall support during the period of 1901-2001 have made significant contributions to libraries and library services in Texas.

Criteria. The Jury will consider both individuals and organizations for designation as Texas Library Champions. Individuals may have been librarians, library trustees, library advocates, philanthropists or public officials. If living, librarians must be retired from full time employment to be considered. (Currently serving librarians might be nominated for the Librarian of the year or Distinguished Service awards.) Organizations may include community service groups, clubs, foundations, or corporations. Entities of local or state government will not be considered. Nominations will be judged on the significance of the contributions made by the nominee. Consideration will be given to length of service or period of contribution, sustained involvement with libraries over time; and impact of their contributions on the local community and/or the state.

The Jury will apply these criteria to nominations to select a list on the top one hundred Library Champions from the past century. The Jury will strive to achieve a list that adequately represents library champions from all time periods and regions of the state.

Process. Nominations will be accepted from any individual or group. Nominations can be made by email or letter to the Texas library Champions Jury in care of Jury Chairman Robert Martin. Nominations must include the name and contact information of the nominator, and provide a brief statement detailing the nominee's accomplishments and contributions that merit the honor of being designated one of the top one hundred library champions of the past century. Nominations must be received by the Jury by December 1, 2000.

The Jury will review nominations and input from additional sources and compile a list of one hundred individuals and groups to be recommended for designation as Texas Library Champions. The Jury will solicit assistance from nominators in drafting the text for award recommendations. The Jury will forward the list of recommendations to the TLA Centennial Committee for review and endorsement. Once endorsed by the Centennial Committee, the list will be forwarded to the TLA Executive Board for final approval. A publication highlighting the library champions will be published during the TLA centennial year.

Send comments to John Slate, Texas Library Champions Jury

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