TLA District III
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April 25 Meeting Minutes

Texas Library Association District III Caucus Meeting
Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas
April 25, 2002

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:42 p.m. by the Chair, Diana Collins. There were 18 members present. Those present were: June Berry, Bill Buckner, C. Ross Burns, Denise Carter, Diana Collins, Jackie Dodson, Carlyn Gray, Doris Herrington, Judy Horton, Terri Hugo, Russell Keelin, Constance Matheny, Judy Reinhart, Sarah Samson, Ava Smith, Sue Soy, and Carla Wilkins. Jill Zimmerman was present as the Liaison to the Executive Board. Introductions were made.

Minutes: Copies of the minutes from the fall district meeting were passed around. Everyone took a few moments to read the minutes. The minutes were approved as written.

Treasurerís Report: Sarah Samson, Treasurer, presented the report. The opening balance was $1,617.40. Total revenues were $1,801.89. Total expenditures were $1,771.59. The ending balance was $1,647.50.

Councilorís Report: Russell Keelin, Councilor, presented his report on activities at TLA Council I. Among the business matters before the Council were TLA Centennial activities, the election of officers, and other conference activities. The TLA membership passed three propositions: 1) the proposition on updating the TLA mission statement; 2) the proposition requiring Texas residency for office holders; and 3) the proposition authorizing an increase in membership dues. Attendance figures for the conference were announced during Council I. Pre-registration was 4,760, and actual attendees numbered 7,768. Among the business matters scheduled to come before Council II was the adoption of the public library standards.

Legislative Report: Susan Mann was not present, so this report will be given at a future meeting.

New Business: Collins presented the proposed budget for 2002-03. With a beginning balance of $1,647.70, total receipts from the unit allotment and revenue from the fall meeting are expected to be $1,800.00. Total expenditures projected are $2,400.00. These expenditures are: $1,500.00 for the fall meeting; $500.00 for ALA Legislative Day; and $400.00 for Tall Texans. The closing balance is projected to be $1,047.70.

Topics canvassed in the budget discussions included the future of TIF, ALA and TLA legislative days, and Tall Texans. June Berry pointed out that the cost of the Tall Texans program per participant is $1300.00, with those individuals selected to participate expected to put forward at least $425.00 of that amount. Berry also proposed adding $200.00 for TLA Legislative Day to the proposed expenditures. After discussion, the motion passed. The proposed budget was then approved as amended, with the closing balance at $847.00.

Carlyn Gray will represent the district at ALA Legislative Day.

Ava Smith was elected Secretary by acclamation. Smith replaces Amanda Williams, who resigned after becoming Chair of the Childrenís Round Table.

The district has three members attending the Tall Texans in June 2002. They are Karen Flavin from Taylor High School, Terri Hugo from Waco-McLennan County Library, and Marilyn Johnson from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

The fall district meeting for 2002 was discussed briefly. Whether to meet on Friday or Saturday and programming options continue to be problematical. Better communication among district members is seen as one major step to both better programming and attendance at the meeting. One suggestion for improving communications is the creation of either an electronic mailing list or electronic discussion group. Samson will contact the TLA office for information on options and other assistance.

Smith briefly discussed the Rider 55 Coalition. This is a group whose primary interest is to improve accessibility for the deaf and hearing impaired. The group is applying for a grant from special TIF monies available for technology assistance for the disabled. The group is interested in partnering with libraries in order to make assistive technology more available to the targeted group.

New Officers: Collins announced the new officers for 2002-03. They are Cary Sowell, Chair; Deanna Frazee, Chair-Elect; Ava Smith, Secretary; Sarah Samson, Treasurer; Russell Keelin, Councilor; and Diana Collins, Immediate Past Chair.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ava M. Smith, Secretary

Next meeting will be during Annual Assembly, Austin, Texas, July 21-23, 2002