TLA District III
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July 21 Meeting Minutes

Draft: Texas Library Association District III Meeting
Annual Assembly, Austin, Texas
July 21, 2002

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:07 a.m. by the Chair, Cary Sowell. There were eight members present. Those present were: Jackie Dodson, Terri Hugo, Constance Matheny, Sarah Samson, Linda Shaw, Ava Smith, Cary Sowell, and Prisscilla Wilson. Jeanne Martinez was present as the Liaison to the Executive Board. Introductions were made.

Minutes: Copies of the minutes from the spring conference meeting were passed around. Everyone took a few moments to read the minutes. One correction was noted: the year in the heading should be "2002" instead of "2001". The minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurerís Report: Sarah Samson, Treasurer, had not received a treasurerís report since the conference meeting. Sowell reported that Carlyn Gray had been paid $500.00 for her expenses as the districtís representative at ALA Legislative Day in Washington, D.C. With some other expenditures, Sowell estimated that the current balance should be approximately $800.00. Sowell estimated that the districtís allotment from membership dues would be approximately $300.00. She also will be applying for the $1,000.00 available from TLA to cover expenses for district meetings.

Councilorís Report: Russell Keelin, Councilor, was not present, so this report will be presented at a future meeting.

Legislative Report: Susan Mann was not present, so this report will be given at a future meeting.

Executive Board: Jeanne Martinez reported from the TLA Executive Board. She reported that some members have had problems with their hotel registrations; if anyone has such a problem at any TLA meeting, he/she should report the problem to the TLA office. She reminded everyone to read new TLA president Barry Bishopís letter in the latest issue of Texas Library Journal. All TLA districts are encouraged to use the theme of "best practices" in district programming. Concerns about the future of TIF funding are at the forefront, and everyone is urged to contribute to Julie Todaroís web site and to contact their legislators. She also reminded everyone that a special assembly session giving the latest developments on TIF would be held on Sunday night from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Martinez announced that TLA Legislative Day will be February 12, 2003; all districts are asked to make a donation to the Legislative Reserve Fund. The Executive Board sends its thanks to members for passing the dues increase. Continuing professional education (CPE) credits are awarded for attending district meetings. Since TLA is still celebrating its centennial year, local and regional library champions should be honored at district meetings.

Martinez reminded everyone to use the districtís electronic listserv. Officers are automatically subscribed; members may subscribe by going to and clicking on "members only". Messages are monitored by TLA staff, and messages eventually will be archived. Elections may be conducted through the listserv; TLA staff will help identify members whose ballots must be sent through regular mail.

The Tall Texans will be having a meeting on Monday night, with part of the meeting being a review of the overall program; guests are welcome.

Recently, First Lady Laura Bush met with school administrators from around the country to stress the importance of school librarians. Barry Bishop would like to develop a similar program for Texas.

New Business: Sowell discussed plans for the fall meeting. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 19, 2002, at Round Rock. Members present discussed the advantages/disadvantages of Friday and Saturday meetings. Members decided to try another Saturday meeting in order to attract more school librarians to the district meetings, although it was pointed out that scheduling was an issue for all types of librarians.

The theme for the district meeting will be legislative issues, focusing on advocacy at the state and local levels. Sowell outlined a plan for breakout sessions in the morning, a TIF program in the afternoon, and a legislator as luncheon speaker. Matheny suggested the possibility of using a state agency building for the meeting, if the proposed school setting was not available. As for the food for the luncheon, a hot meal was preferred over a box lunch. Samson will develop a postcard to be sent out to members; the postcard also could highlight the district listserv address. Samson also will investigate the possibility of TLA office sending an online invitation to all members of the district.

There was discussion of having a permanent web master for the district. Smith will contact Sue Soy at the Austin History Center (Austin Public Library) and ask her if she would be interested in becoming the web master. Smith also will research the bylaws to see if changes are needed.

Samson asked for programming ideas for young adult patrons. She also suggested that a program on this topic be developed for the fall meeting.

Nominating committee: Sowell appointed members to the nominating committee which will prepare the slate of officer candidates for the fall meeting. The members are Diana Collins, Constance Matheny, and a member to be appointed later by Sowell.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ava M. Smith, Secretary

Next meeting will be during Fall District Meeting