Lockhart, Texas---october, 2000 -- The wackiest librarian in Texas, who was scheduled to perch herself on top of the 100 year old Dr. Eugene Clark Library in an effort or raise $20,000 now claims full credit for the coldest and rainiest October weather in the last 100 years! This was the publicity stunt organized by RoseAleta Laurell, Lockhart's Librarian and the Lockhart Friends of the Library. The Loony Librarian fundraiser was a tremendous success. The goal was $20,000 and the event raised $41,000! The library received donations from all over the state of Texas and from as far away as California and South Carolina. The Friends were able to access pledge at their 24 hour pledge number, via mail, and via Visa or MasterCard. Live chat was available with the Librarian via the AOL "Town Square" area.

"When Friends of the Library and board members were first contemplating a fundraiser, we figured as long as we were going to raise money for the library, we might as well raise the librarian," Laurell said, laughing, "This just shows our commitment ---that we will go to any lengths (or heights)---to ensure our community has the best and most innovative education facilities in the area."

The library, located in the historic downtown district, is the oldest city library in the state and is the larger of only two libraries serving CaIdwell County's 27,000 residents. Renovations and expansion of the library began in January 2000 and will be completed in May 2001.


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