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Volunteer Opportunities
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TLA District III Researcher and Website Builder

Those with an interest in history, an interest in library development, and an interest in developing websites might want to consider volunteering to help research and build the TLA District III history and website. The current website is available for view at This ongoing project is aimed at developing a communication tool for District III. We need a website that will grow over time and convey the rich history of the District's past to those interested.

Hours: 2 hours volunteer time each week with the flexibility to schedule your own time and level of commitment.


  • Research and develop an honor roll of past chairs for TLA District III for presentation on the website
  • Fact check and add to the history that has already been started and is displayed on the web site
  • Research the periodical resources for interesting news notes, documents, and items that might be scanned for presentation on the website
  • Develop pages that will add interest to the website
  • Collect data from TLA District III members that will add to the website

Other opportunities include:

  • Develop an Access database that will list all District III library buildings by name, location, website address, and date established
  • Produce a timeline of notable events in District III history
  • Conduct oral history - type interviews with leaders from District III

Contact: Sue Soy at, or by telephone at 512-327-8413 in the evenings, or at the Austin History Center during the day at 512-974-7388.

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