Rev. Carl E. Harvey, Jr.
Youth Pastor

From the Youth Pastor's Laptopů

Grace and peace be unto you from God our Father and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It's Too Soon to Quit!

Do you feel like you can't take any more of a certain person?  Are you in a situation and feel like giving up?  Have you prayed for something and it hasn't come yet?  Are you facing mounting pressures from various persons and/or organizations and you don't think you can bear it?  If this describes you, God has a special word for you--"It's too soon to quit!"

Noah faced ridicule for building the ark; but he didn't quit.  Moses faced murmuring and complaining from God's people almost daily; but he didn't quit.  David lost sons and most could have been avoided; but he didn't quit.  Daniel and the three Hebrew boys were threatened with death; but they didn't quit. Peter denied Christ, returned to Christ and was beaten for Christ; but he didn't quit.  John was boiled in oil and exiled on Patmos; but he didn't quit.  Paul was shipwrecked, threatened, stoned, poisoned and beaten; but he didn't quit.  Jesus was betrayed, denied, beaten, spit on, mocked, ridiculed, forsaken by God and crucified; but He didn't quit.  What was the secret to endurance for these men? 
They had an undying and enduring love for God and others.

If you and I continue to love God and others, we will be able to endure any situation, any affliction and any person.  Keep being kind, patient, humble, nice (and not rude), and forgiving.  Your love for God and others will give you night vision.  You will be able to see through the dark times to the light and joy God has promised.  God's love in you will give you strength to endure whatever is placed on you.  God's love in you will cause you to stand rather than flee difficult decisions.  Your love for God and others will transform your life and the lives of those watching.  Keep showing love and help transform lives!

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