Answering Homeschooling Questions
Some of our favorite answers from longtime homeschoolers.
Where do I get good curriculum for kindergarten? Thoughts about the best kindergarten curriculum
Should I homeschool?  You're the best judge for your child, just like you'll be the best teacher for your child.  One answer.

Some more questions and answers are in our Newcomers' Guide.

Texas specific questions.
Besides Austin Area Homeschoolers, Are there other local homeschooling support groups? Yes there are tons.  Here are a few Austin area homeschoolins support groups.
Is it legal to homeschool in Texas? Yes! It is legal to homeschool in Texas.
How do I deal with the local school district? Read "Dealing with the District"
I still have questions. Where can I ask them?
Where can I meet some local Austin area homeschoolers? Join the AAH eMail List.
Is there a fee to join? No, we are a group of homeschoolers, simply sharing. 

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