As part of the Chapter's public outreach efforts, the Education Committee promotes environmental awareness among the community by conducting presentations, developing educational materials, overseeing teacher-training workshops, and preparing other outreach efforts.

In addition, A&WMA International produces a series of one-page fact sheets on specific environmental topics. Current topics include indoor air, oil spills, ozone, landfills, hazardous waste, alternative fuels, and recycling among others. The fact sheets provide an overview of the topics and serve as reference materials for educators of the general public.

The Association also produces Environmental Resource Guides (ERGs) that provide a more in-depth study of general topics. These books are currently available on Air Pollution and Pollution Prevention for our Land, Water and Air.


The Chapter-sponsored Air Care Day, held on Saturday, April 13, 2002, at the Highland Mall, was a great success with over 200 visitors taking their cars through the testing stations. Booths and alternative vehicle car displays were set up by the TNRCC, the City of Austin Clean Cities Program and Clean Air Partners, CLEAN AIR Force, Honda, Electric Vehicles of San Marcos (IT dealer), Leif Johnson Ford (Think! dealer) Advanced Micro Devices, Lonestar Chapter of the Sierra Club, AASP of Texas, and AAA Texas. A simulcast by KGSR and coverage by News 8 helped boost attendance and awareness of the event, bringing in drivers from all around the Austin area.

Scottie Aplin who helped organize volunteers during the event claimed that several cars were identified as high emitters of pollution. "One woman who failed the emissions test went home and cleaned her spark plugs and returned to the event to see how that improved her performance. She passed the second run through," she said. Speakers kicking off the event included Chapter Chair Brett Davis, Mayor Gus Garcia, TNRCC Chairman Robert Huston, and Senator Lloyd Doggett. After expressing the need to improve vehicle emissions, these local officials, along with the Mayor of Lockhart, drove their personal vehicles through the AccuScan remote emissions sensing lane set up by Environmental Systems Products. Additional tailpipe testing and dynamometer testing was provided by Worldwide Environmental Products.

Thanks go to all of the participants and other sponsors including the Drive Clean Across Central Texas campaign, Motorola, Samsung Austin Semiconductors, Baker Botts LLP, Avery Environmental Services, Zephyr Environmental Corporation, Tate Austin, and the Highland Mall. Please take the time to thank all of the terrific volunteers and organizers who helped with the Air Care Day. The Chapter expresses special thanks to Julie Jumonville for spending many hours contacting other organizations, attending meetings, and setting up the event.

Photos and flyers from the Air Care Day are below:


On April 21, 1999, several chapter members, led by then Committee Chair Sandy Aranyos, participated in Earth Day activities at the Barton Hills Elementary School. The committee members gave scale model demonstrations of aquifer contamination, leaky landfills, and pesticide runoff. The Education Committee completed demonstrations again at the Austin Children's Museum on April 24. Members also fielded questions for Earth Day from children and their parents. Thanks to all who participated!

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If you would like to be on the Education Committee or help with our public outreach events, please contact the Education Chair, Julie Jumonville at 512-266-9044.