The Bisexual Network Of Austin

The Bisexual Network Of Austin

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Founded February of 1999, the BiNet Austin 'List-Server' is a place where members can discuss bisexuality with other members through the convenience of e-mail. Sample discussion topics include; Coming out as bisexual to oneself and others, myths about bisexual people, monogamy/non-monogamy, bisexual politics and culture, relations with the gay/lesbian community, sexuality, bisexuality, race/gender issues, transgender issues, and whatever else is brought up by the group.

The List-Server is open to anyone who already identifies as bisexual, anyone questioning their sexual orientation, friends, lovers, family and spouses, and anyone else interested in learning about bisexual politics and culture.

To become a member of the List-Server, you must agree to the following statement: "By joining BiNet Austin, I recognize that posting statements that are racist, sexist, genderist, anti-Semitic, ageist, or advocate sexual activity with minors will result in possible exclusion from the BiNet Austin List-Server, as they will be construed as aggressive and destructive to this online community, and negatively provocative. I recognize I have an obligation to object to such statements if I see or hear them, as holding in these feelings will also be destructive to the necessary functionality of this community."

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