CTACS General meeting for January 15, 2015

We had Charlie, Mark, Carol, and George. We graciously surrendered our more central table to a large (and pleasantly not noisy) group.

George tried to limit our "shop" talk to a couple of lighter computer software topics. Plausibly successful. It is not every month that the Amiga scene concludes an OS version. OS4.1 is concluded after 7 updates (8 depending on how your count) over a period of 10 years(?). Since it was delivered for 2014 Christmas it gave many a fine time to look for the changes. We X1000 owners needed to wait a tiny bit longer for the 2nd batch of CDs to be produced.

We found that our XMas card to Amiga Future made it into the new year's issue: To whit:

"Howdy readers letters' cowboys,
On another topic; I got a really nice Christmas card from Austin, Texas. I'm as happy about it as a bull at a rodeo. So how can I thank you my dear Texan friends? I can encrypt Kathleen's writing, but ... erm, Gregory's? You are not a doctors-to-be by any chance, are you? You see, when it comes to cryptographic writing German parents often say full of pride ... 'our Kevin-Torben, now he'll become a famous doctor' ... when I was young I was criticised when my calligraphy was readable only on Sunday. But why do you think that in my basement it's pleasantly cool in Summer and warm in Winter? Oh, no, now it's time to start up a fire with anything that's flammable and even non-flammable) just so I get a few icy drips for my shower. By the way, I can give you a good tip about personal hygiene: it takes hair longer to become greasy if it's frozen! So, once again, my dear readers from Austin, a big thank you for your card and do drop me a line again so I get a chance to read your names."
George brought up Austin city recycling. Turns out that the Brentwood neighborhood where the Boas' live is part of the city's pilot project to recycle kitchen compostable food stuffs. So we all got to talk about compost. The city now also takes all kinds of paper, including what Ecology Action calls mixed-paper, which is worth very little on the commercial market. At Ecology Action that paper is kept separate from all else. At least when its a "uniform", compacted material it is often saleable as an ingredient in roofing shingles. Envisioning it as miscellaneous items in recycling bin make me shudder.

George brought up the suggestion that we move our 3rd Thursday meeting. Discussion/suggestions ensued and settled on the 2nd Thursday. Our secretary promised to poll members about that.

We adjourned at 8:05 pm.

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