CTACS General meeting for March 5, 2015

The latest Amiga Future was just mailed out from Germany, so looks like it'll always be a month out of date by the time I get it here. So, I brought Nr.113 bacl for a 2nd perusal.

For our inaugural "new date" we have Charlie, Kathleen, Carol, and George. Nothing amazingly out of place has happened to any of us in the intervening 5 weeks. Kathleen did say that she and Charlie are going to Philmont Scout Ranch and be gone for little over a week. They are flying up there, and locally renting a car.

That got a discussion going about how vacations and holidays are allocated at the state facility she works at where ALL state holidays are recognized, but the facility must be open so "arrangements" must occur.

Still, between the Pabst Blue Ribbon, the deep dish Savage and the genial conversation it was 8:05, so I had a couple slices left over.

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