CTACS General meeting for November 5, 2015

Around the horn: Joe, Dee, Kathleen, John, Charlie, Mark, but George is up on the banister behind the camera.

That is my Conan's medium sized Savage (all the way). I had so much fun I only ate 1/2 of it. No making a lunch box for work Friday!

Charlie was again elected President and yours truly continues as your wayward webmaster/secretary. We threatened Joe and since he didn't protest nearly enough to dissuade a nomination for next year...

Mark and George had a spirited discussion about the direction of human activity as A.I. and robot activity continue to make menial (an ever changing concept) tasks not a human activity that makes any money. One of the vectors to think about is the prominence of entertainment and a rise in cultural "perfection". Interest in crafts will explode as a way to join people of like minds. George just had no idea how people who are anti-social will make their way....and they WILL make their way. In general we thought that any social upheavel will probably not affect us on a day to day basis, i.e. George expects be dead by then. See future-of-jobs for a brief list of issues by comment of quite a few "experts".

As the meeting broke up at 8pm, I leaned fairly hard on John about that brace like thing on his right hand. If you tell it right, it would easily go viral as a "logical consequences" cautionary tale. Great shaggy dog story.

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