Foodways Past Events

2009-11 Educational programs for schools and organizations
May 2008 Roots of Pasta - Pasta & Co.
Apr 2008 The Texas French Connection, A Taste of Texas ~ Oui! - TexaFrance
Mar 2008 Oh Nuts Chomp - Austinuts
Feb 2008 Nectar of the Gods - Kim Lehman
Jan 2008 Raw Bliss & the Ring of Fire - Brian Rush, Tears of Joy Hot Sauce Shop
Dec 2007 Superstars of American Regional Wine with Jane Nickles
Nov 2007 Yummy Living Arts - Brian Kudler, Living Arts Bakery
Oct 2007 Saucy Sisters & Brothers - Lauri Raymond, SASS
May 2007 Foods of El Salvador
Apr 2007 Regional Gulf Fishes, A Members Party
Mar 2007 The Taiwan Island
Feb 2007 Chocolate Bean to Bliss
Jan 2007 Early American & Dutch Oven Cooking, Field Trip
Dec 2006 A Glass of South American Spice and Smoke
Nov 2006 Willkommen to Deutschland
Oct 2006 Hallya! Culinary Korea
Sep 2006 Peruvian Encounters

Apr 2006 A Guided Tour of Austin Ethnic Markets
Mar 2006 Ladies & Wenches in the Plantation Kitchen
Feb 2006 Paradise Gardens & Mediterranean Gastronomy
Jan 2006 Old & New Balkan Ways
Dec 2005 More Than Mateus ~ Portuguese Wine & Food Pairings
Nov 2005 Angel Valley Organic Farm Members Field Trip
Oct 2005 Feeding the Ancestors: Mexican Day of the Dead Traditions
Sep 2005 Casita & Gardens

Jun 2005 Playing with Knives and A Chef's Dinner,
A Special Class for Members
May 2005 The Magic of Eire
Apr 2005 Blending Culinary Cultures for Variety and Health
Mar 2005 What's Mexican about Mexican Food? with author Rachel Lauden
Feb 2005 The Global History of Chocolate
Jan 2005 What's American about American food? with author Andrew Smith
Dec 2004 Oaxacan Holidays
Nov 2004 North Sudan Nile River Region
Oct 2004 New Food Discoveries in 18th Century England
Sep 2004 Kickoff Event: Puerto Rico on a Plate, A Dinner Class Treat

May 2004 Who Are the Mennonites Anyway?
Apr 2004 Four Culinary Regions of Thailand
Mar 2004 Sicilian Foodways
Feb 2004 Sweet Rewards, A Chocoholics Feast
Feb 2004 La Chandeleur (Candlemas), A Members Party
Jan 2004 Gung Hay Fat Choy
Nov 2003 Organics and Tour at Boggy Creek Farm
Oct 2003 A Spanish Tapas Party
Sep 2003 Ethiopian Culture & Cuisine

May 2003 African Safari: A Members Only Event
Apr 2003 The History and Food of Hungary
Mar 2003 An Adventure through the Origins and Influences of
Moroccan Mores
Feb 2003 Cabbage to Caviar: Flipsides of Russian Life & Cuisine
Jan 2003 Robert Burns Suppers by two Scotsmen
Nov 2002 Comparative Food Symbology, The Egg
Oct 2002 South & North India Chits
Sep 2002 Kickoff Party: A Taste For & Of The Gothic

Jun 2002 Noche de Venezuela
May 2002 Microbiotics and Cultural Health
Apr 2002 A Night in Thailand
Mar 2002 European Peasant Cooking
Dec 2001 Hill Country Shindig, A Members Event
Nov 2001 Tuscan Cuisine
Oct 2001 Intriguing Persia
Sep 2001 Kickoff Event: A French Autumn Evening

May 2001 Cooking with Native American Griddle Stones
Mar 2001 Wisconsin Tailgating, A Members Party
Feb 2001 Artificial vs. Natural Flavors
Nov 2000 Silk Road History and Cuisine
Oct 2000 Pacific Rim Cookery
Mar 2000 Knopf Cook Book Archives of Julia Child
from the Harry Ransom Center
Sep 2000 Cooking in Mexico