History of Mahomet Tabernacle
South East Burnet County - Mahomet, Texas
Written by Muggs & Neva Clark in about 1989

I suppose the very first tabernacle was built by Moses when he led the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt and the house of bondage. God gave Moses instructions how to build the tabernacle and if you want specifics read 26 and 27 chapters of Exodus.

The popularity of the Tabernacle came about in the name of progress, they began to replace Brush Arbors. The Brush Arbor at Mahomet was located east and just below the hill under the trees from the Mt. Horeb Lodge Hall.

The tabernacle was north-west of the present tabernacle and south of the historical marker, on land deeded to the people of The Union Community of Mahomet, by the late B.H. Stewart, a prominent citizen of that community.

The first Mahomet tabernacle was built in 1913, there about, according to information from T.L. Wilson. He said the tabernacle was built by a Mr. Leggan (Laggan) as head carpenter. It was built by donated labor. I suppose the head carpenter was the only one paid.

Tabernacles began to loose their popularity when air-conditioning came into being. The Tabernacle was damaged when the county road was replaced by Farm to Market Road 243. It was necessary to take ten foot from the north end. The tabernacle was heavily damaged in the spring of 1957. The Williams branch flooded and washed the benches in a pile next to the stage at the south end. The water also washed the soil from the posts. It was decided that it was unsafe for further use. The following spring the Bertram Ag. Boys purchased and tore down the tabernacle.

The tabernacle was lighted with Coal Oil Lamps, hung by the center posts. Following then we got a Delco System that was used until the late 1930's. Then the Pedernales Electric Coop. Inc. (P.E.C.) came into being.

The Tabernacle, Sycamore School House, and Progressive Christian Church were all our community centers, in those days, depending on weather and activities as to which building was used.

Thus the demise of the Mahomet Tabernacle, after being in existence for some 44 years. Even tho tabernacle is no more many wonderful memories are still in the hearts of many of us.

Twenty-eight years later the history of the second tabernacle begins.

One Sunday morning, in the spring of 1985, after church, Madge McCormick Smith asked Alvin Clark if he could show her where the Old Tabernacle was located. He showed her the corners and certain trees that were close by. They started talking of things that use to be. Madge just remarked, "I wish we still had the Ole Tabernacle." Alvin answered, "Let's build one." This started people talking. Interest continued to grow.

It was suggested we have a meeting to determine if there was enough interest. On May 16, 1985 a meeting was called. Much talk and discussion was done. Another date was set for May 22, 1985.

It was decided it would be a community project, separate and apart from the church. Officers were elected.

Donations were promised, some were rather large. Donations and memorials were made to "Mahomet Community Tabernacle".

Our hearts were made heavy over the sudden death of Raymond Dale Price, one of our strongest supporters.

After much talk and a span of two years, in August of 1987 action started. On August 9, 1987, Millard Shell staked off for the new tabernacle. On the same area where the Sycamore School had stood, some years before.

All organizations have their set backs. Due to ill health, Nellie Johnson resigned as Secretary. Geraldine Booth took over both secretary and treasurer. Due to Alvin Clark's death, August 15, 1987, Gordon Williams was elected president on September 17, 1987. Ivan Johnson was elected vice president. It was decided to have a ground breaking on September 25, 1987 at 2 P.M.

On October 12, 1987 Bill Dahleen and Jerry Welford dug holes for the posts.

On October 20, 1987 Roger Lambert and Jim Bob Mueth cemented the posts in the holes. Progress continued with Millard Shell as head contractor. Roger Lambert and Jim Bob Mueth as helpers. Derek Shell age 7, Millard's son, helped also. He would go get things for his dad, which is a big help at times. Millard completed his part of the building in January of 1988. Thanks Millard for a job well done!

July 21, 1988 gravel was spread under the tabernacle.

John Steven McCormick wanted to build a pulpit for the tabernacle. His sudden death came on October 1, 1988, before his dream became a reality.

July 31, 1988 at 2:30 P.M. we had the dedication.

Due to lack of finances progress stood still. Donations and memorials continued to come in.

In the spring of 1989, due to rising cost of materials, it was decided to buy electrical materials and get P.E.C. to set a pole. A.J. Smith was in charge of the electrical part. Never the less the wheels of progress began to roll.

At our June 4, 1989 meeting it was agreed to let contractor Darrell Montgomery pour the slab, add bathrooms and a storage room to complete our project. We paid him $2000.00 down and he will finance the balance at 10% interest for 5 years. The question was asked, "Can we pay it off before 5 years"? Montgomery answered, "Please do". The question was asked. "What if we should default?" He quickly answered, "I guess I would have to preach you an Old fashion Church of Christ Sermon."

Montgomery began work June 12, 1989 setting forms. Work went slow, on August 31, 1989 Montgomery finished his part.

A.J. Smith and Ivan Johnson did the electrical wiring, installed paper towel holders, and toilet paper holders. On September 29, 1989 work was completed.

It took the work of the community as well as contractors to complete this project. We still have to maintain and pay a light bill each month.

On October 8, 1989 we had a Musical Concert Benefit featuring local talent from surrounding communities. The Blue Ridge Playboys from Houston, which Buddy Ferguson plays with, were there. It could not have been possible without Buddy and his wife Doddie. Buddy talked the Band into coming and Doddie made our fliers for us. We received $1483.02 in donations.

It is our prayers that the tabernacle will become a great public service. It is also our sincere hope that we leave a heritage for our children and grandchildren, equal to the great heritage that our fathers and forefathers left for us.

We would like to dedicate this history to our young people, who we will pass the torch to, when we come to the end of life's journey.

Author--Morgan McClain (Muggs) Clark

Co-Author--Neva Burch Clark
great-granddaughter of B.H. Stewart

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