54th Annual Homecoming & Reunion - Business Meeting

Saturday May 26, 2013 -- Flag Day at Mahomet

The business meeting was held before lunch. Robert Noland, President of the Mahomet Cemetery Association conducted the meeting. Minutes from last year's business meeting and the board meeting that followed along with the financial statement were made available and approved. Robert thanked Ron Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer and Board Member Louis Insall for all their hard work last year. Many members of the community were also thanked for their participation. Both Eldon Williams and Allen Clark were each honored for their service and presented with a Board Member Emeritus award. The Board seats of Allen Clark and Kevin Baker were vacated. The following folks were nominated for the four open board seats: Glenda Baker, Larry Smith, Fred Kennison, Robert Noland, Derek Shell, and Wayne Drosche. The new board members were then elected be secret ballot. At the board meeting that followed, Robert Noland was elected President and Louis Insall elected Vice President. The newly elected board members "drew straws" to determine Derek and Robert would serve the open one year terms and Larry and Fred would serve the open three year terms. A Barbecue meal was available for lunch.

Special thanks to those who provided the wonderful desserts.

Select Picture to Enlarge (Special thanks to Barbara (Williams) Drosche for the photography)

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