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Eastern Travis County History

There is a small Heritage and History Collection at the Manor Volunteer Library.
The purpose of this project is educational:
  • to provide and maintain an organization for the study of historical and genealogical records,

  • to collect and preserve these records,

  • and to make them available for research in the Manor Volunteer Library.
If you have newspaper clippings (obituaries, wedding and anniversary announcements, historical events) or family papers or photos of this area, we need your help. Old maps, cemetery listings, church histories, etc. are also needed.
1924 Manor Map drawn by Frankie Gage Hennig

                            Manor 1924
                  drawn by Frankie Gage Hennig

Bowman Family

The Arthur J. Higgins Texas Films Collection, no. 13 - Manor, 1937 The Arthur J. Higgins Texas Films Collection, no. 13 - Manor, 1937
Wm Luedecke Hareware Store
Wm Luedecke hardware Store
Wm Luedecke Inside Store
Wm Luedecke inside store

Wm Luedecke Home Place Wm Luedecke Home place
Wm Luedecke New House 1898
Wm Luedecke Home place

Wm Luedecke 1st house
Wm Luedecke 1st home
          Matilda Sjoberg Sponberg
Matilda Sjoberg Sponberg

A. J. and Britta Sjoberg
Sponberg 1923
Andrew Sponberg, 1923

The area to be covered by the project includes:




Hornsby Bend





New Sweden


Webberville +

All land east of Austin and Pflugerville in Travis County

The Collection is housed at the Manor Volunteer Library

The Collection is Housed in the Foyer of the Manor Volunteer Library.

Here is a list of indexes that you can read to see what records are already in the Collection. If you find there is a record you would like to see, please contact Kay directly as described below. She will be more than happy to help you.

  • 1894-1895 County Directory - A list of those residing in Gregg, Hornsby, Manda, Manor, McNeil, and Merrilltown.
  • East Travis County Cemetery Records - Index to inventories of many of the cemeteries in the area including Brown, Duty, Gregg School, Hill, Hunter, J.J. Manor, Jones, Kimbro, Littig, Lockwood, Lund, Manda, Manor City, Prairie Hill, Puckett, Rector, Rogers Hill, Rose Hill and Schiller Cemeteries.
  • East Travis County Photographs - index of personal and Volunteer photographs archives
  • Manor Family History Names - Index to histories of some the early families that lived and still live in eastern Travis County. These names include Dixon, Duty, Fields, Forehand, Glover, Hill, Houser, Johnson, Lockwood, Lundell, Manor, Newberry, Prinz, Raney, Sellstrom, Sjoberg, Sponberg, Stromberg, Werchan, and Wood.
  • Manor Obituaries (1901-Current) - There are almost 500 obituary items, the oldest from 1901, in the history collection at the Manor Library. Some of the older ones are written in Swedish taken from the Posten newspaper. In this notebook on the community, there are also sections with newspaper clippings on weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and personality profiles of citizens in the area.
  • "Manor Directory" - Manor Directory - 1945
  • "Manor Schools" - Manor Schools - 1908-9
  • "Manor Students" - Manor Students - 1936
  • "Manor Students"
      - Colored Scholastic Census, Manor ISD, Travis County, Sept 1, 1913
  • "Manor Cemetery" - North end of Lockhart and Lampasas Streets

Please contact Kay at (512) 836-7484 or by e-mail mkdb1405@gmail.com if you need help, or have any materials to add to the collection.

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