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February 2000

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The Class of 43 meets at Luby's Cafeteria on the first Wednesday of
each month for lunch and 20 to 30 usually attend. This picture  was
taken at the luncheon in February.

From left to right:   Harold Stewart, Nancy Stewart, Dick Doerner, Bill Johnson,
John Kirkpatrick, Bill Huffman, Roger Swift, Laura Swift, Jerry Carmen,
Donna Carmen, Ruth (Harvey) Kirkpatrick, Bob Hensley,
Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman, Becky Sue Foyil, Lydia Ford, and Beryl Ford.

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March 2000

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Pictured above is Roger Swift, Virginia (McKelvey) Don Carlos,
Peggy (Comfort) Wetter, and Roda (Hazen) Bailey at our Class
Dinner on March 3, 2000 at  the Steak and Ale restaurant on
51st St. in Tulsa.  We had 31 in attendance and a GOOD TIME
was had by all.  The names of all who attended are listed below.

Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman, Beverly Gilbert (Ed Borofsky's sister-in-law),
Riley and Becky Sue Foyil, Jerry and Donna Carmon, Ruth (Austin)
Justus, Bonnie (Dodson) Manson, Roger and Laura Swift, Virginia
(McKelvey) DonCarlos, Peggy (Comfort) Wetter, Roda (Hazen) Bailey,
Jeannie (Redden) Paul, Bob and Dorothy Hensley, Beryl and Lydia
Ford, Betty and Glen Smith, Richard and Laurene Howser, Harold
and Nancy Stewart, Eugene Simpson, Ruth (Harvey) and John
Kirkpatrick, and Eddie and Pat Borofsky.

We were especially glad to see Peggy (Comfort) Wetter from Albany,
WI., Eddie and Pat Borofsky from ROgers, AR and Ruth (Harvey)
and John Kirkpatrck from Grove, OK.


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Pat Borofsky and Eddie Borofsky


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Donna Carmon, Jerry Carmon, Ruth (Austin) Justus, Bonnie (Dodson) Monson


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Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman and Virgie (Bittle) Tucker.


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Bill Huffman and Riley Foyil

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Virgie (Bittle) Tucker, Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman, and Becky Sue Foyil

Some members of the Class meeet at Virgie (Bittle) Tucker
or Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman's home to prepare and mail out the
Newsletter.  This time we met at Virgie Tucker's home. Every-
one has a grand time folding the newsletter, licking envelopes
and eating and drinking refreshments.  As we go through the
names, everyone calls out the names of the people they new
the best and asked the others if they remember the name they
brought up.  The following people prepare and mailed out the
newsletter on 24 March 2000, more were scheduled but had
last minute commitments.

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