CTACS General meeting for June 4, 2015

Attending were Kathleen, Mark, Paul, Joe and Dee Teakell, Charlie, and that empty seat is for George, who is behind the camera.

This meeting was Thursday night, but starting Friday morning its been non-stop change as Carol's pulled muscle was a broken leg, with the site having some cancer, prompting insertion of metal above and below a new knee Sunday morning, plus recuperation, plus a 2 week stay in St. David's Rehab, plus adaption to rehab at home, plus resumption of all the doctors' appointments! For all of that I apologize for not jotting down all the fun CTACS had at Conan's.

Remembering from the photos you see above, Joe brought the latest version of AROS, installed only a short time before, onto this Gateway laptop. This is the ICAROS desktop. Look at the size of that double sided manual. I like manuals. I'm tired of "self discovery" GUIs, though I know they are going more that way, than not.

The last 2 photos are the front and back of Kathleen's shirt that informs viewers of disparity between expectations and reality of Occupational Therapists work. Sad to say I was able to put that appreciation to use in such a big way.

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