CTACS General meeting for July 2, 2015

Attending were Joe and Dee Teakell, Charlie and Kathleen Boas, and George Wyche.

While Joe was off ordering, I poured out to Dee, Carol's and my experiences since the last meeting.

As promised Joe brought a Pentium 3 laptop. This one's base OS is ReactOS ReactOS® is a free open source operating system based on the best design principles found in the Windows NT®. Joe downloaded an AROS binary meant to run under "Windows", and that is what we viewed.

Charlie said that the remodeling going on at their house unearthed a lot of ancient (but working when put away) Amiga computers. They are in a storage shed now, but come September's meeting he wants to part with those. He promises an inventory by August's meeting. Joe thought that some of those might be able to run AROS satisfactorily.

Since Charlie didn't have to work on the Friday before the July 4th, he had a beer. We clinked glasses in celebration!

Recall that Charlie and Kathleen went to Philmont scout ranch in New Mexico and returned with many pictures which I devoured. I cannot say why I am so taken with travelogues, because I don't know, but I love'm. Where else would I see Kathleen in a welder's full regalia?

As usual 8:00 pm arrived quickly. Another hour would have suited me fine.

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