CTACS General meeting for August 6, 2015

Attending were Charlie & Kathleen Boas, Paul Norrod, Joe & Dee Teakell (and their grandson), Mark Thomas, and George & Carol Wyche.

George brought the current Amiga Future for perusal.

We talked about having to change our typing for several different keyboards on a constant basis and how that messes up our typing on all of them. Such talk moved us to portable keyboards which are the worst offenders when it comes to typing comfort. Mark showed off his where he has sacrificed weight specifically to reduce keyboard issues by getting a Surface 3 Type Cover for his (see the picture above which I subsituted for the one I took of Mark's). And he couldn't help himself and showed off his Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse complete with sound-effects.

Paul's keyboard solution is a Natural Ergonomics Keyboard 4000.

George's solution was to whine.

Joe is too modest to champion/denigrate (period).

In deference to stated meeting time, grandson's beddie-bye time, Carol party tolerance time, we all went our separate ways at 8:01 p.m.

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