CTACS General meeting for September 3, 2015

Attendees Attending were the Boas', the Teakells, and G. Wyche.

George was a little bit late, but had the foresight to phone in his "Savage, all the way" order and was surprised and pleased that he was recognized over the phone by mere placing the order.

We considered our return email to Mr. Stephens in connection with attendance at Ami West this coming October 15-18 in Sacramento, CA. We came up with several things to comment on and give a few suggestions.

From your reporter, " I'm afraid I was distracted with needing to do things for Carol and didn't jot down any notes. I know I enjoyed myself for an hour and a half".

After the meeting George made his way to Thunder Cloud Subs to order Carol's usual (non)chicken salad sandwich where they are asked to cut all-and-any cheese, and skip the bread, where upon the light bulb goes off in the staff's head(s) that they know just-what-to-do and piles on extras to compensate. It was a fun interaction and they were tipped well.

So Carol got to eat about 8:30 pm (or so).

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