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Disclaimer Page

MAIN (Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network) and the entities and persons who are developing it do not control the Internet. The Internet is a global entity, and you are using it at your own risk. Parents should supervise their children's access to the Internet while using MAIN.

MAIN cannot censor your access to material nor protect you from information you may find offensive or inappropriate. There are sites on the Internet that carry sexually explicit and other information resources which you may find controversial or inappropriate. The general access to the Internet that MAIN provides necessarily lets you reach such sites, even though they are not on MAIN.

Not all sites on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. You need to be a good information consumer, questioning the validity of the information you find.

You may not be able to always go to the places on the Internet you want to visit. There are many possible reasons, such as:

  • There are too many Internet visitors and the host computer has closed or limited access from the "outside world."
  • The database or resource is licensed to a particular institution, and you need to be affiliated with the institution in order to obtain access. Example: commercial online databases, some online encyclopedias, etc.
  • The host computer has changed its address or has closed down.
  • A menu has been changed since you last used it.
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