Who We Are

We are a group of residents, property owners and stakeholders in the Rosewood area of Central East Austin, Texas. This is the website for the Rosewood Neighborhood Contact Team.

Many neighborhoods, including Rosewood Village-Glen Oaks, Homewood Heights, McKinley Heights, Clifford-Sanchez, and Austin Heights-Lower Boggy Creek, are included in the Rosewood Neighborhood planning area. The Rosewood Team is led by people from these neighborhoods who worked on the Rosewood Neighborhood Plan. As a group, we hope to facilitate organization and co-operation between people within our neighborhoods.

For more details about the neighborhood planning process, please see the City of Austin Neighborhood Planning Department. You can join our online discussion at Yahoo Groups. If you're already a subscriber, you can unsub by sending this email.

New members from the area are always welcome! Please consult the schedule of events, located in the sidebar on the right.