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July 2000

The Class of 43 meets at Luby's Cafeteria on the first Wednesday of
each month.   We had 31 in attendance at our 43 Class Dinner on the
7th of July 2000.  They were: Bill and Nancy Allen, Margie (Hanks) and
Bob Todd, Richard and Laurene Howser, Beverly Gilbert, Eddie and Pat
Borofsky, Beryl and Lydia Ford, Jerry and Donna Carman, Bob and Helen
DeCorte, Shelly and Euarae Phillips, Bob and Dorothy Hensley, Bob and
Anne McDowell, Ruth (Harvey) and John Kirkpatrick, Virginia (McKelvey)
DonCarlos, Roger and Laura Swift, Virgia (Bittle) Tucker, Jo Ann (Perry)
and Bill Huffman, and Riley and Becky Sue Foyil.

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Ruth (Harvey) and John Kirkpatrick

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Helen and Bob DeCorte

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Donna and Jerry Carman

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Euarae and Shelly Phillips

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Bob and Dorothy Hensley

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Bob and Ann McDowell

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Laura and Roger Swift

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Virgie (Bittle) Tucker

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Jo Ann (Perry) and Bill Huffman

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Riley and Becky Sue Foyil

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Virginia (McKelvey) DonCarlos

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Jo Ann (Perry) and Bill Huffman

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Pat and Eddie Borofsky

jullnch14.jpg (33993 bytes)
Bill and Nancy Allen

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Bob and Margie (Hanks) Todd

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Richard and Laurene Howser

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Lydia and Beryl Ford


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