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CANPAC Minutes - May 17,2010

Attendance: Randall Soileau, Eastwoods NA; Brian Donovan, UAP; Mike Hirsch, Hancock NA; Justin Clemens, Hancock NA; Adam Stephens, Shoal Crest NA; Walter Wukasch, UAP; Nuria Zaragoza, Original West University NA; Betsy Greenberg, Heritage NA; Mary Ingle, North University NA; Al Godfrey, Heritage NA; Lin Team, Eastwoods NA; Rick Iverson, North University NA.

I. Minutes approved from April 6, 2010 CANPAC meeting.

II. Membership Status Report and Slate of Officers
A. The nominating committee presented a slate of CANPAC officers for 2010-2011: co-presidents: Mary Ingle and Al Godfrey; vice-president Walter Wukasch; co-secretaries: Lin Team and Betsy Greenberg. There were no additional nominations from the membership.
B. Members with expiring terms May 2010: Nuria Zaragoza, Mary Ingle, Randall Soileau, Rick Iverson, Michael Hirsch, Alicia Jarry, Bart Whatley, John Fox, Brian Donovan, Al Godfrey.

III. MF-4 (Group Residential) Code Amendment Update
A. Several proposals for limiting group residential in MF-4 zoning were discussed including a city-wide Conditional Overlay (CO), a CANPAC area CO, or a neighborhood by neighborhood identification of properties.
B. A sub-committee was appointed to discuss options. Sub-committee members: Adam Stephens, Brian Donovan, Betsy Greenberg, and Justin Clemens or Bart Whatley.

IV. Occupancy Ordinance Update
A. Permit problems continue with the properties at 1915 & 1917 David Street despite recent rulings by city commissions. City staff interpretations of the hearings have allowed new remodel permits.
B. A revision of City Ordinance 25-2-511 concerning occupancy limits is needed to prevent mislabeling of bedrooms in site plans to circumvent occupancy limits.
C. Motion: CANPAC expresses support for revision of COA ordinance 25-2-511 to clearly define occupancy limits. Motion passed unanimously.

V. University Area Partner's (UAP) Parking Benefits District (PBD) Proposal
A. UAP has met with city staff to discuss residential parking permits (RPP), parking meters, and the PBD. The city staff recognizes "one size does not fit all" concerning residential parking permits. There may be multiple zones with different rules within one neighborhood due to mixed uses.
B. The is still no consensus within UAP concerning the text or map of the UAP PBD.

VI. Member Communication
A. Eastwoods: PBD's to be discussed at June neighborhood association meeting.
B. Hancock: Developers of the Perry Mansion site at 41st St. and Red River still in discussion with neighborhood. Parts of the University Park Development (East Avenue) are being sold and will have to conform with the existing PUD.
C. Heritage: The Rio Grande Bar next to University Cycles, and 34th Street are among several zoning issues concerning the neighborhood.
D. North University: Trudy's Restaurant was threatened with closure for building over park setbacks. The city is in negotiations with owners of 400 E. 33rd Street for building over setbacks.
E. Shoal Crest: The bike boulevard extension into the neighborhood on Rio Grande is being discussed.
F. University Area Partners: MF-4 group residential scheduled for discussion next Tuesday.

VII. Adjourned - Next meeting 3rd Monday in June!
Recorded by Randall Soileau


CANPAC Minutes April 6, 2010

Attendance: Randall Soileau, ENA; Brian Donovan, UAP; Mary Ingle, NUNA; Robert Morris, NUNA; Nuria Zaragoza, OWUNA; Karrie League, OWUNA; Justin Clemens, Hancock NA; Adam Stephens, SCNA; Walter Wukasch, UAP; Mike Hirsch, Hancock NA; Bart Whatley, Hancock NA; Al Godfrey, Heritage NA; Lin Team, ENA; Rick Iverson, NUNA; Betsy Greenberg, Heritage NA.

I. Approval of Minutes - Minutes of previous meeting to be posted online for approval

II. CANPAC Procedures and Processes of Subcommittees
A. Any group which evolves from a CANPAC subcommittee and includes non-CANPAC members should be considered a "focus group" or "working group".
B. The "focus group" or "working group" should include only stakeholders in the issue.
C. No statement or action by such group is sanctioned by CANPAC unless there is a vote of approval of the statement or action by the CANPAC membership.

III. Parking benefit districts (PBD) and residential parking permits (RPP) Update
A. The CANPAC UAP PBD subcommittee will take a hiatus until UAP's presentation on the proposed PBD.
B. CANPAC should encourage the public process concerning the PBDs but not necessarily be in charge.
C. Residential Parking Permits (RPP) need to be tailored for individual neighborhoods with mixed residential, MF, and MU properties.

IV. Appointment of nominating committee for CANPAC officers
A. Nominating committee to present a slate of candidates for elections in May
B. Nominating committee: Mike Hirsch, Rick Iverson, and Nuria Zaragoza

V. Perry Mansion Update - Hancock
A. The Perry Mansion and adjacent property at 41st Street and Red River has been proposed for redevelopment as a boutique hotel of 70 -90 units.
B. The property is currently zoned SF-3 and the mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
C. Adjacent property owners (Park Place) are concerned about noise, parking, and a service drive.

VI. City Sponsored Contact Team meeting
A. Revisions of the CANPAC by-laws are needed to comply with "financial" and "conflict of interest" requirements by the COA.
B. Meeting dates of Contact Teams also need to be posted

VII. Rehab Hospital Update - Heritage
A. Two sites are being considered for a new rehabilitation hospital: 38th Street and Lamar and The Triangle on Lamar.

VIII. Proposed Plan Amendment at 209 E. 38th Street - NUNA
A. The property at 209 E. 38th Street has applied for a zoning change from MF-3 to MF-1
B. The application is not supported by NUNA
C. CANPAC will conduct a public hearing on the proposal April 26th, 7pm, at the First English Church.

IX. 1915 David Street - OWUNA
A. OWUNA continues to fight irregular city permitting at the 1915 David Street site.
B. OWUNA has issued a call for media attention to publicly expose mistakes made by city staff in permits issued for this site.
C. An appeal is scheduled for April 14. [rescheduled for May 5].
D. Nuria Zaragoza has replaced Addy Sonder as a voting CANPAC member.

X. Adjourned

Recorded by Randall Soileau


CANPAC Minutes January 18, 2010

Attendance: Alicia Jarry, Shoal Crest; Betsy Greenberg, Heritage; Susan Marler, Heritage; Mary Ingle, NUNA; Al Godfrey, Heritage; Justin Clemens, Hancock; Robert Morris, NUNA; Mike Hirsch, Hancock; Walter Wukasch, UAP; Brian Donovan, UAP; Adam Stephens, Shoal Crest; Nuria Zaragoza, OWUNA; Bart Whatley, Hancock; Randall Soileau, ENA.

I. Minutes approved from November 3, 2009

II. Announcements
A. CANPAC will initiate a plan amendment concerning conditional use for group residential in MF4. Mary Ingel will present this initiative at PC subcommittee meeting tomorrow.
B. The revised remodel ordinance will also have a hearing tomorrow.

III. Fraternity/PACE - little development has taken place

IV. Comprehensive Plan
A. The Comprehensive Plan is continuing to the next phase - scenario development. This phase will be critical to the final outcome - probably in March.
B. Meeting in a Box
1. Developed for groups (i.e. neighborhoods) to participate in the plan process.
2. Includes Questions such as "What do you like about Austin?", "What would you change?"
3. Could result in ranking priorities for improvements.
4. CANPAC will organize a separate meeting to participate in a "Meeting in a Box".

V. Rental Registration Stakeholder's Group
A. A meeting of the stakeholder's group was held last week to discuss the rental registration plans.
B. It is yet to be determined which properties will be affected by the rental registration ordinance.
C. Inspectors will ensure that rental property is in compliance with city codes before issuing an occupancy permit. Inspection triggers (i.e. new renters, changes in utilities, or a determined period of time - 3 years) are being discussed.
D. Big question - "Why aren't the current tools (ordinances) working?" Perhaps, because they are complaint driven.
E. One current problem is correctly identifying the owner or manager of a property.
F. A self-funding program is fraught with inefficiencies in a market such as Austin's where there is significant turnover of tenants in a short time.

VI. Amnesty Certificates of Occupancy and Grandfathering of Occupancy Limits
A. 1915 David St. has received a questionable amnesty certificate of occupancy.
B. The Development Assistance Center decides if a property's use before 1986 ordinances establishes amnesty for a property. Sanborn Fire Maps (which do not include zoning) have been used to establish amnesty. Zoning District maps may be more appropriate.
C. The problem is that houses generate more profits for landlords when divided. The number of bedrooms in a property can be masked with "studies" or "game rooms".
D. Development Review needs to be educated concerning the issue with city legal officers present.
E. The 2003 ordinance established occupancy limits: Duplex 6 persons per unit - only 12 unrelated persons total.

VII. Neighborhood Communications
A. Heritage - sidewalk projects under way & pushbutton crosswalk at Guadalupe has been installed.
B. Hancock - University Park (East Avenue Project) to include a theatre and a second hotel. Red River Street will be torn-up for the gray-water pipeline.
C. NUNA - "peace is coming!"
D. Shoal Crest - more water pipe replacement is coming. Citizen's Safety Forum is being formed.
E. UAP - Parking Benefits District still being discussed. Renaissance Market reconstruction is being completed - new layout will prevent loitering.

VIII. Next meeting scheduled for the first Tuesday in February at 6:30.

IX. Adjourned

Recorded by R. Soileau



ATTENDEES: Heritage- Al Godfrey; NUNA- Mary Ingle, Robert Morris, Rick Iverson;
Hancock- Bart Whatley, Justin Clemens, Mike Hirsch; UAP- Brian Donovan; OWUNA- Nuria
Zaragoza, Karrie League; Shoalcrest- Adam Stephens, John Foxworth

I. Approval of previous meeting minutes. (passed- 9 for, 2 abstain)

II. Announcements
a. Website to be publicized. Will be noted in notice of approved minutes that goes
to neighborhood chairs.
b. Nov 10 Planning Commission- Greek downzone case for possible lowering of
taxes. Also 1709 W. 22nd Liquor Sales.
c. Nov 11 Board of Adjustment case for the NUNA telecommunications equipment
at 209 E. 38th.
< John arrives >

III. UNO Parking and potential adjacent neighborhood impacts.
a. The International Council of Coops (ICC) is negotiating with University Area
Partners (UAP) where permit parking is and there is general agreement. A
parking benefit district will allow a 70/30 revenue split between the city and
UAP. The funds will be used to install and improve streetscapes.
b. 900 street parking spaces in West Campus, including the OWUNA neighborhood.
400 spaces will go to pay parking.
c. OWUNA has enforcement trouble with their Residential Parking Program and
would expect that increase revenues would help with enforcement.
d. Shoalcrest will need a RPP to deal with displaced cars. Heritage expects parkers
to be pushed from the pay spaces into their area. RPP issues should be tied to the
momentum that UAP has going on the parking benefit program.
e. The parking benefit program will take the burden of improving streetscapes from
new developments that opt in to UNO and shift them to the city with a program
funded by the parkers, not the developers. This will create a more cohesive
streetscape improvements, but there is question of what alternative public
benefits developers may provide for the increased entitlements received opting
into UNO.
f. A CANPAC subcommittee needs to meet with UAP and the city (Robert Spillar,
Alan Hughes). Brian with ICC is the lead coordinator on the parking benefit
program and will bring forward neighborhood edge concerns and RPP issues.
g. Simmons Vedder is working on a map of the parking program. CANPAC
requested Brian obtain this map so all could understand the exact proposal.
h. Nov 9th UAP meeting at noon at St. Austin's at Guadalupe & 21st- ring the bell
for admittance.

IV. Plan amendment subcommittee update
a. Concerns that suggestion to rezone individual properties with a Conditional
Overlay to amend Group Residential to a Conditional Use will require too much
city resources and will not work.
b. Concerns that a city wide change to the zoning code requiring a CU for Group
Residential in MF-4 will hinder (with fees and public hearings) potentially
appropriate group residential in other areas of town, like co-op housing. A nonconsolidated
site plan was suggested as a solution to reduce engineering fees,
however a public hearing would still be required.
c. CANPAC is a unique area of the city regarding group residential due to Greek
house location pressure and due to the fragmented pattern of zoning. Brian
suggested he would be okay to restrict group residential around campus, but he
would oppose restricting group residential in other areas of town.
d. A full CANPAC area overlay district was suggested as a mechanism where the
city's zoning code could be adjusted in a limited area of the city and yet not
require individual property rezonings. Another option could be a temporary citywide
Group Residential restriction in MF-4 and revisit the matter after the
comprehensive plan.

V. Pace subcommittee update- There will be no subcommittee meeting until a meeting is
held with Michael McDonald to see if it is productive for the subcommittee to meet and
draft a proposal. There will be a meeting with McDonald the upcoming Monday.
VI. Comprehensive Plan Survey- Subcommittee to keep working, getting info from
neighborhoods not yet submitted, and compiling survey responses into a comprehensive

VII. Member Communication
a. OWUNA- Illegal 4plex demolished, but have found there are plans for 2 each 6
bedroom houses on 1 lot, which is not allowed under current zoning code.
OWUNA is challenging staff and questioning review and permitting process.
Mike McHone is representing the owner, Mitch Ely. Remodel and permitting a
structure as commercial is being used as work-arounds to zoning code
limitations. It is questionable whether grandfathering can be used from an illegal
structure that was ordered to be demolished. OWUNA was not notified of the
permitting and is now now allowed to become an “interested party.”
b. NUNA- NPT/NUNA issue ongoing...problem of differing organizations in what
has traditionally been 1 neighborhood. Things seem to be moving in the right
direction and towards resolution.
c. Heritage- There is a medical office upzoning proposed that is not consistent with
the neighborhood plan, so Heritage is working with the applicant/property owner.

VIII. Next meeting 12-1-2009. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Bart Whatley



ATTENDEES: ENA- Randy Soileau; Heritage- Al Godfrey, Laurie Limbacher, Susan Marler, Betsy Greenberg; NUNA- Mary Ingle, Robert Morris, Rick Iverson; Hancock- Bart Whatley, Justin Clemens, Mike Hirsch; UAP- Walter Wukasch, Brian Donovan; OWUNA- Karrie League; Shoalcrest- Alicia Jarry

I. Approval of previous meeting minutes. (vote- all for, except 1 abstain)

II. Confirmation of new members: Heritage presented Betsy Greenberg to replace Laurie Limbacher and Susan Marler, alternate to replace Mikal Grimes. (vote- unanimous)

III. Member Communication
a. Eastwoods- Splash Pad work in Eastwoods Park continuing.
b. Heritage- Concerns with homeless in alley behind Centennial- Heritage looking for open container ban. New sidewalk in neighborhood from 3100 Guadalupe development. Issue with SF-3 lot adjacent to Centennial and El Patio being used as parking for these businesses.
c. Hancock- No new news.
d. NUNA- Zoning issue 304 East 30th where a demolition permit is being sought in order to construct 6 new units, believed to be stilt units. 304 East 30th is part of the 1984 historic contributing structures map. Neighborhood plan team (NPT) and neighborhood association divide. There is a request that NPT be a committee of NUNA.
e. OWUNA- Code enforcement took an illegal 5 plex on SF-3 property to court and now the structure will be torn down and replaced with a house and a garage apartment. 1300 Old West 19th is ½ acres and has been for sale, potentially leading to an undesirable redevelopment. The property has now been purchased by a OWUNA neighbor that plans to redevelop sympathetic to the neighborhood by subdividing the ½ acre and building 3 homes.
f. Shoalcrest- Concerns about man cycling through the neighborhood in a g-string.
g. UAP- Parking meters are being installed throughout UNO and partial proceeds will go to creating Great Streets streetscapes. Because metered parking will replace currently free parking, it is likely that student commuters will start to park in neighborhoods surrounding UNO and the University. To be further discussed.

IV. Website updates
a. A website has been set up at www.main.org/canpacaustin . Members are requested to visit the site and provide feedback. A CANPAC project review process for the website was presented for comment.

V. Plan amendment subcommittee
a. Instead of rezoning MF-4 properties to add a Conditional Overlay that makes Group Residential a Conditional Use (requires public hearing), the subcommittee and city staff have been discussing making Group Residential a Conditional Use in MF-4 city-wide, except for UNO. Doing this would not trigger zoning changes on individual properties, instead it would be a change to the zoning code. Brian Donovan expressed concerns due to this plan requiring public hearings and site plans for planned Coop housing outside of the UNO area. The MF-4 limitation on Group Residential intent is to restrict Greek house developments outside of UNO and address inconsistencies in which MF-4 limitations were applied in the Neighborhood Plan.

VI. Pace ordinance update
a. PACE (Public Assembly Code Enforcement) is a joint group including TABC, Fire, Code Enforcement, and the Police. Stakeholders are discussing requiring permits for gatherings of more than 50 people for safety reasons. It was suggested that PACE should be able to shut down problem parties and withhold future permits. A subcommittee (Karrie, Lin, Walter, Robert) was created to further discuss.

VII. Comprehensive Plan update
a. A survey has been presented to us from the city. A subcommittee (Randy, Nuria, Brian, Rick, John & Justin) was created to work on this.

VIII. Approval of previous meeting minutes- all for, except 1 abstain.

IX. Next meeting Tuesday, November 3. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Bart Whatley

CANPAC Minutes September 1, 2009

Attendance: John Foxworth, SCNA; Walter Wukasch, UAP; Adam Stephens, SCNA; Mary Ingle, NUNA; Al Godfrey, Heritage NA; Alicia Jarry, SCNA; Rick Iverson, NUNA; Robert Morris, NUNA; Justin Clemens, Hancock NA; Bart Whatley, Hancock NA; Lin Team, ENA; Brian Donova, UAP; Nuria Zaragoza, OWUNA; Randall Soileau, ENA.

I. Approval of Minutes - Minutes from June 15, 2009 meeting - approved.
II. Introduction of New Members
     A. A brief history and evolution of CANPAC was presented by Ric Iverson.
     B. New candidates for CANPAC membership were introduced. Each candidate presented their experience and qualifications to CANPAC: Adam Stephens, Shoalcrest Neighborhood Association;
         Justin Clemens, North University Neighborhood Association; Robert Morris, North University Neighborhood Association.
     C. Alicia Jarry (current alternate for Shoalcrest) was nominated as a voting member.
     D. John Foxworth (current voting member for Shoalcrest) was nominated as an alternate.
     E. Motion: " To accept Adam Stephens, Justin Clemens, Robert Morris, and Alicia Jarry as voting members of CANPAC, and John Foxworth as an alternate member of CANPAC." Approved - unanimous.
     F. A current roster of CANPAC membership including term dates was requested for the next meeting.
III. Member Communication
     A. Eastwoods: The footpath improvements to Eastwoods Parks was discussed. The current wading pool at the park is being replaced by a water - feature for children and adults.
         J.P.'s Java has requested a zoning variance to obtain a beer and wine license.
     B. Hancock: Trails at Hancock Park are in progress. Further park improvement is planned. New irrigation using reclaimed water from U.T. will benefit the golf course and possibly trees in the park.
     C. Heritage:
          1). The old Belmont Cottages site has been purchased by the Zen Center.
          2). Guadalupe 31 - traffic mitigation and sidewalk features are now committed by property owners after a 2 year delay.
          3). A Crosswalk to Wheatsville Co-op is planned.
          4). El Patio - a code violation concerning employee parking on a residential lot has not been resolved.
          5). A few MF-1 properties in Heritage may be down-zoned in the future requiring a plan amendment.
          6). Kings Lane - owners have now revealed their desire for an office.
     D. North University Neighborhood Association:
          1). The formerly threatened (demolition)home on 32nd Street will preserved as an historic landmark.
          2). 209 E. 38th Street - cell phone transmitters are to be attached to power transmission poles with equipment house on property.
                What are COA and FCC rules concerning the placement of cell phone towers/ equipment?
     E. Original West University Neighborhood Association:
          1). Pease Park trees were decimated by recent storm. The park will also have a splash pad/ water feature.
          2). Former Bed and Breakfast on David St. has been purchased by individuals - was considered by fraternity.
     F. Shoalcrest Neighborhood Association:
          1). Problems reported with rooftop parties at Block apartments on Rio Grande.
          2). Design Standard/ UNO concerns with 2807 Rio Grande. Proposed: 3 stories of residential floors over 1 floor of parking.
     G. University Area Partners:
          1). University Baptist Church Parking is on hold.
          2). UNO streetscape will proceed on Rio Grande up to 24th St. Made possible with tree mitigation money and other sources from UAP and property owners.
          3). Renaissance Market reconstructions still underway.
IV. Remodel Ordinance Update
     A. Definition of "remodel" still in question. Working definition does not address wall openings - windows or doors.
     B. Proposed elements of "remodel" definition: 1). Remodel existing structure - not up or out; 2). 50% of walls must remain; 3). Time limit between remodels (1 year recommended by Residential Design Commission).
V. Comprehensive Plan Update
     A. Council has approved composition of Citizen's Advisory Committee : 14 - 21 citizens. More than 100 people have applied.
     B. Concerns expressed about the composition of the committee and effectiveness of plan.
     C. Neighborhood Plans will not be "messed with".
VI. Other Business
     A. Concern expressed by neighbors' lack of response from code enforcement. Constant complainers are being "black balled".
     B. Possibility of extending the open container ban discussed. Ban currently stops at 29th St..
VII. Adjourned - Next Meeting Tuesday October 6!!!!



ATTENDEES: ENA- Lin Team, Randy Soileau; Heritage- Al Godfrey, Laurie Limbacher; NUNA- Mary Ingle Hancock- Bart Whatley; UAP- Walter Wukasch; OWUNA- Nuria Zaragoza
GUEST: Barbara Epstein, ENA; Susan Marler, Heritage

I. Member Communication
a. Eastwoods- Barbara Epstein presentation- Addition & occupancy issues at 818 E 30th. Owner has a history of creating problems with various rental properties. 818 E 30th appears to have an addition that will create a triplex, which is not allowed. The city should investigate now before construction is complete as the city has been poor at enforcing occupancy limits. Rooms may be mislabeled on construction plans (study instead of bedroom or wet bar instead of kitchen.) Occupancy issues and apartments/boarding houses masquerading as duplexes has been an consistent problem. Barbara suggests working with ANC and other neighborhoods to clarify zoning code and plan review so interpretation of code is consistent. Barbara suggested policy and practice changes should include: 1) definition of a bedroom, 2) rental registration program, 3) have a vacant building inspection, 4) building permit - site verification 5) interested party registration with building permits.
b. Heritage- Belmont cottages have been demolished and the property is on the market with an expired site plan permit. The Kings Lane applicant has pulled their application for zoning and variances.
c. Hancock- Success battling AT&T communication cabinets associated with the East Avenue PUD.
d. NUNA- 209 E 38th withdrawn. 408 E 32nd demolition request is contentious within the neighborhood.
e. OWUNA- Judges Hill has been working with the downtown plan consultant on the neighborhood boundaries with success. Still to be determined is compatibility. OWUNA to watch and work with Judges Hill.
f. UAP- Worker deaths at 21 Rio will slow construction and may impact plans for Sol project by the same developer on the Baptist parking lot. Sol concerns are that sidewalks are extended around the entire block, more active use spaces are needed at the sidewalks, and other general public benefits are needed if the developer is going to request an extra 60' of height and buying the air rights over the alley.

II. Officer Nominations
a. The past year officers were re-elected by acclamation.

III. Proposed members
a. Heritage- Betsy Greenburg for Laurie's place and Susan Marler as an alternate.

IV. Website
a. Draft is online and input is needed. Lin will help with the history section, and someone else is needed to help with the review process section. A host is needed as Main.org will still not respond. A general contact should be added such as info@canpac.org (most members do not wan their personal contact information listed.

V. Group Residential plan clean-up
a. A list of MF-4 properties has been turned into the city. The city is asked to make group residential a conditional use and not a permitted use, as this was the Neighborhood Plan intent and it was carried out inconsistently. The city says this will require a zoning change and public notice to all MF-4 properties in the plan area and is thus reluctant to take action. Another solution is needed to address this problem.

VI. Approval of previous meeting minutes- all for, except 1 abstain.

VII. Discussion concerning COA Comprehensive Plan. Questions were raised concerning the neighborhoods and their plans being represented and respected.

VIII. Next meeting Tuesday, August 1st. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Bart Whatley

CANPAC Minutes - April 4, 2009

Attendance: Randall Soileau - ENA; Linda Guerrero - Hancock NA; Al Godfrey - Heritage NA; Mary Ingle - NUNA; Lin Team - ENA; Karrie League - OWUNA; Nuria Zaragoza - OWUNA; John Foxworth - SCNA;
                       Walter Wukasch - UAP; Alicia Jarry - SCNA; Rick Iverson - NUNA; Mike Hirsch - Hancock

I. Announcements
     A. The VMU ordinance is "stuck" at council. Heritage N. A. has raised questions about "tree language" in the ordinance.
     B. A hearing for a zoning change (as a plan amendment) for 209 E. 38th Street is scheduled for Monday, April 20th, 7:00 pm at the Presbyterian Seminary. All CANPAC members are encouraged to attend. The property          owner is seeking a zoning change from SF-3-NCCD-NP to MF-3-NCCD-NP.
II. New CANPAC Member from Hancock N.A.
     A. Dr. Michael Hirsch was nominated by Hancock N. A. for CANPAC membership.
     B. Dr. Hirsch, a member of the Huston-Tillotson College sociology faculty, experienced with urban planning - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and former mayor of Fayette, Missouri, was approved as a member of CANPAC.
III. PACE - Public Assembly Code Enforcement
     A. Karrie League's draft of CANPAC's position concerning PACE ordinance negations was presented and discussed.
     B. Adjustments to the language of the letter were made. The final letter will be available by email.
     C. Motion "To approve the PACE letter as changed during discussion." Approved - 11 in favor, 1 abstention.
IV. 3301 Kings Lane Status
     A. Currently 100% impervious cover parking lot - request was for LO-MU-NP
     B. Planning Commission and Council recommendation - SF-4A-CO-NP
     C. Heritage may negotiate with owner for an 8' front yard setback to facilitate a single family home.
V. Plan Amendment Sub-Committee Report
     A. MF-4 properties list has been completed with the addition of property list from Heritage N.A..
     B. An appointment with Greg Guernsey is now needed to move forward.
VI. Member Communications
     A. Eastwoods: ENA has approved appropriations for park path paving ($52,000) and invasive non-native plant species removal ($10,000) for Eastwoods Park.
     B. NUNA: Many gathered for the Sparky Park dedication.
     C. OWUNA: Concerns about needed improvements / access to Pease Park and PARD contact information was discussed.
     D. Shoalcrest: Access to park land on the East side of Lamar (adjacent Pease Park) was discussed. The need for safe sidewalks to access the area and a clean-up of the area is evident.
     E. Hancock: HNA has rescinded a letter in support of variances for East Avenue Development. Confusion about the use of certain properties outside the PUD for "utilities islands" has caused concern.
     F. Shoalcrest: The sign at 29th and Rio Grande (XXX) is an eyesore at least if not illegal. Neighborhoods have combined to lodge a complaint.
VII. Adjourned - Next meeting date May 5

Recorded by Randall Soileau



CANPAC MEETING MINUTES - February 16, 2009

ATTENDEES: ENA- Lin Team, Randy Soileau; Heritage- Al Godfrey; NUNA- Mary Ingle, Mary Gay Maxwell, Rick Iverson (alt); Hancock- Linda Guerrero, Bart Whatley; UAP- Walter Wukasch, Brian Donavan; Shoalcrest- John Foxworth, Alicia Jarry (alt); OWUNA- Karrie League

I. Prior Meeting Minutes approval (vote- 7 yes, 1 abstain)
II. City Notices / Announcements
     a. Proposal for a Remodel ordinance will to the Codes & Ordinances Subcommittee of the Planning Commission Feb 17 6pm.
     b. Bike Master Plan meeting Mar 4, 5:30pm at One Texas Center Rm 325.
     c. John & Alicia arrive to meeting.
     d. VMU scheduled for City Council Feb 26 (2nd and 3rd readings). 711 East 38th negotiations in Heritage ongoing
     e. Sparky Park Dedication Mar 28.
III. West Campus Baptist Church Project- Sol Residences- at 22nd & San Antonio
     a. Presentation by Mike McHone & Larry Deuser- plans by Merriman Associates Architects distributed. UAP asked Mike McHone that this project be brought to CANPAC.
     b. Developer of 21 Rio plans a mixed use tower with a long term lease on a parking lot owned by the church.
     c. UNO 175' height zone, although seeking a building with 2 tower elements, one at 190' and one at 240'. The developer is seeking an amendment to the UNO Appendix C. Raising 10% of units as affordable up to 15%      and additional streetscape work offered as a community benefits. 21 Rio is 220' and offered the same community benefit.
     d. Developer's goal is to finalized additional entitlements by the beginning of summer.
     e. 2 levels below grade parking, 6 levels above grade parking, retail in some areas at street level, 291 dwelling units. The project will span over an existing alley.
     f. Discussed adjacent buildings and the relationship in scale.
     g. Comment that retail seems shallow and under-nourished and that the entitlement request seems significant.
     h. Parking and traffic concerns raised.
     i. Linda & Mary Gay leave meeting.
IV. Kings Lane proposed plan amendment and zoning change- presentation by Al Godfrey.
     a. Owner wants MU to build a house on a commercial zoned lot and take advantage of the zoning district entitlements that are more permissive than single family (impervious cover, setbacks).
     b. Heritage prefers the owner zone to SF and ask for variances needed on impervious cover and setbacks.
     c. Planning Commission suggested SF-4A and Heritage is okay with this but wants more setback from one adjacent SF neighbor.
     d. Owner notes that SF-4A zoning would make the current use non-compliant, however this is okay with the city. Heritage does not want MU- opens possible uses up too much and commercial is not wanted here.
     e. Case to be heard at Planning Commission Feb 24
     f. Motion CANPAC supports Heritage's position that Mixed Use should not be allowed and that the property should be rezoned to a SF category (vote- unanimous).
V. PACE & proposed party ordinance
     a. Don Smith is proposing an ordinance to make PACE stronger.
     b. The debate largely centers on whether 30 or 12 parties per year should be allowed by Greek organizations.
     c. PACE worked with Shoalcrest with some success to dampen wild parties.
     d. Walter suggests PACE working as is and the Smith proposal is too radical.
     e. Karrie to send comments from the last meeting with Don Smith to chairs for communication with Smith.
VI. Comprehensive Plan- update by Brian.
      a. Council is set to choose a consultant in 2 weeks.
      b. CANPAC should register as an interested party. Members encouraged to visit city website for more information on the Comprehensive Plan.
      c. Worries about the level of public input.
VII. Group Residential Plan Clean-up: Subcommittee has compiled list of MF-4 and MU properties that allow group residential use. Concern is that Greek houses could establish themselves outside of West      Campus/UNO. All neighborhoods have submitted their list except for Heritage. When the list is complete it will be submitted to the city for action.
VIII. Member Communications / Neighborhood Updates
     a. UAP- Fire and 27 people displaced. Pay parking principle in UNO is to discourage students bringing cars to school.
     b. Shoalcrest- Another fire. Trouble getting a Residential Parking Program.
     c. OWUNA- Parking garage proposed next to Dryfes Antiques on old Issa property. No variances requests announced, but neighborhood concerned about how height is measured on a sloping site.
     d. Eastwoods- Eastwoods park work starting.
     e. NUNA- Temporary Certificate of Occupancy violation at 400 E. 33rd.
     f. Hancock- Park work starting. Phase 1 is a trail parallel to Peck Ave.
IX. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Bart Whatley






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