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CANPAC The purpose of CANPAC shall be to review and make recommendations on all proposed amendments to the Central Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan, and support, implement, and monitor the Central Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan and its goals.

The Neighborhood Plan can be found here: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/zoning/central_austin.htm

The Planning Area Consists of: Heritage, Shoalcrest, University Area Partners, Original West University NA, North University NA, Hancock, and Eastwoods.

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For a project review:

1. Contact CANPAC and request a project review be added to a meeting agenda (it may take up to 6 weeks to be added to a meeting agenda).

Requests must include:

Project Program: Describe the project narratively, indicating either commercial/institutional/mixed-use, etc., project name, project address, project owner & contact information, project schedule, city zoning case number, city staff contact, existing zoning and use, zoning desired, conditional overlays proposed, number of living units, square feet broken out per use, square feet of site area, number of floors, building height, on-site open space, proposed FAR, proposed impervious cover, parking count, list of entitlements requested from the city, site photos, describe how the project fits in with the neighborhood plan and neighborhood goals.
Project Drawings: Conceptual design documents drawn to scale to include: Vicinity diagram, schematic project site plan showing building area & adjacent property buildings, site plan showing circulation (auto, pedestrian, bike, public transit), drawing to describe street-scape treatment, floor plans, exterior elevations and or building massing.

2. CANPAC will request that the project also be reviewed by the applicable neighborhood associations. A final CANPAC position will not be reached until the applicable neighborhoods have had a chance to recommend a position on the project to CANPAC.

3. CANPAC will invite the applicant of a proposed project to make a presentation at a CANPAC meeting.

4. A CANPAC subcommittee for the project may be appointed. Unless stated otherwise, CANPAC will prepare a response to the proposed project in the CANPAC meeting following the meeting in which the project presentation was made. Additional materials or meetings may be requested before a final position is reached by CANPAC.






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CANPAC - Central Austin Neighborhood Advisory Committee