There are certain rules and restrictions that govern the use and care of our properties.

-Keep garbage cans out of public view.
-Boats, campers, trailers, and/or commercial vehicles are not permitted in driveways or the street.
-Posting commercial or personal business signs is not permitted.
-Construction of patio covers, rooms, storage sheds, large playground, equipment, basketball goals, or unapproved fences must have prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee.

One of the commitments you made when you agreed to buy, or rent, a home in Cypress Mill is to abide by these rules and restrictions. They are designed to preserve the integrity and safety of your home , as well as the entire neighborhood. They enhance the value of your home should you go to sell or rent it. (View deed restrictions here: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, 4, 5. If you are not sure what section you reside in, click here to download a detailed map of the Cypress Mill sections.

The Cypress Mill Neighborhood Association created the Cypress Mill Architectural Control Committee (CMACC) to enforce these restrictions. Its members have a strong commitment to resolve chronic violations. Please respond promptly if you are issued a violation notice. If a third notice is required, it will be a notice of impeding legal action. The current committee will not hesitate to take legal action to accomplish the goal of a well kept neighborhood.

Please read your restrictions. If you have an extreme extenuating circumstance, you may correspond with the committee at the address noted below. We thank you for your cooperation and your active participation in helping your friends and neighbors in our community be "the best looking community this side of 620."

Architectural Control Committee
2503 Goldfinch Drive
Cedar Park, TX 78613