How we operate

Visitors and prospective gardeners are welcome to visit! We formally meet monthly for a potluck dinner where we socialize, exchange ideas for future projects, and plan for that month's workday. Visitors and prospective gardeners are also welcome to join us at the potluck dinner.

One Saturday morning every month (usually the Saturday following the formal meeting) is the designated group workday when we meet in the gardens to work on overall projects for a couple of hours to fulfill our monthly volunteer time and maintain the gardens. Work would include tending the common areas, mowing, weeding the paths, building the compost piles, pruning trees, caring for tools and equipment, repairing fences, etc.

A couple of times a year we have special events, such as our annual birthday party that might feature food and plant sales, a raffle, local musicians, and compost demonstrations. In the summer we have a booth at the downtown Austin Farmer's Market where we sell produce from our gardens to raise money for operating expenses.

Applying for a plot

To reserve a plot, contact Ryan here. You will be put on the waiting list by date of application and contacted to let you know if/when a plot is available. To acquaint new and prospective gardeners with the way we operate, we provide a newcomer packet that includes the following PDF documents that you can download and review:
Gardening guidelines
Plot map
Plot agreement
Work Coordinators

Wish list

Bark mulch for pathways (Thank you Howe Foundation!)
Shovels, rakes, hoes, and other garden tools
Bird and bat houses
Pruning equipment
Long hoses