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Monthly community hours

Each member has signed the SACG Plot Rental Agreement contribute one (1) hour of community time per month/per plot or half plot for the maintenance and development of the common areas and to record the hours worked in the community hour log. Any gardener who falls six (6) hours behind in community hours has the option of promptly making up the hours, paying delinquent fees, or a combination of these as described in the SACG Gardening Guidelines. Otherwise, notice will be given to the gardener and the plot will be forfeited and reassigned. Please make sure you are keeping up with, and tracking your community hours.

One Saturday morning every month (usually the Saturday following the formal meeting) is the designated group workday when we meet in the gardens to work on overall projects for a couple of hours to fulfill our monthly community time and maintain the gardens. Work would include tending the common areas, mowing, weeding the paths, building the compost piles, pruning trees, caring for tools and equipment, repairing fences, etc.

Recording gardener community hours is also important for gardeners to stay in good standing and for grants the community garden may apply for. Two hours of community time per plot or one hour per half plot are required each month.

Weeds only compost

We now have a specific compost for weeds. please do not pile weeds by the south gate. Dispose of accordingly via the composting charts in one of the specified compost piles.


Please take out any trash you bring in, including but not limited to, plastic containers and plastic trash bags.


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