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August 2000

The Class of 43 meets at Luby's Cafeteria on the first Wednesday of
each month, the following attended on August 2, 2000. 
They were:  Beverly Gilbert, Lydia Ford, Bob Hensley,
Eddie and Pat Borofsky, Betty Grabel (Jeanne's friend)
Jeanne (Redden) Paul, Roger and Laura Swift, Virgie (Bittle) Tucker,
Jo Ann (Perry) and Bill Huffman, Virginia Burlingame,
and Riley and Becky Sue Foyil.

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Jeanne (Redden) Paul and Virginia Burlingame


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Laura Swift and Jeanne (Redden) Paul


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Becky and Riley Foyil have been
collecting material for the Central web page.  If you have
any ideas or pictures, contact them at home address,
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