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Apostle J.R. Bowens

Apostle J. R. Bowens, eldest son of elder and Sister Raymond Bowens, Sr. was born December 28, 1955. He attended True Holiness Church in San Antonio, Texas under the leadership of Bishop R. A. Wauls.

He received the gift of the Holy Ghost as a youth one evening during prayer service. As a young person he traveled the surrounding areas of his hometown assisting in the ministry under the instruction of his Pastor and Elders of these ministries. Because of his humble spirit, ministry flourished in Apostle Bowens. He became fertile ground for the Lord to plant the Apostle ministry within his heart. However, it would be some years before this ministry would bear the fruits it has begun to bear today.

Apostle Bowens later joined the Faith Temple Apostolic church under the leadership of District Elder H. M. Young. There he faithfully and diligently continued in his particular calling of ministry until he would marry and the Lord would call him to higher ground.

In 1975 Apostle Bowens met and eventually married Regina Walker (now Pastor Regina Bowens) and is blessed with two grown children, Robin Denea and Andrew Lamont, and two beautiful grandsons, LaMont “Mont” and Daisia. This union would prove to be the perfect will of God for them as the addition of Pastor Bowens, a help suitable for him, has enhanced both his life and his ministry to both married and single persons.

In 1984 Apostle Bowens was led of God to move with his family to Giddings, Texas. They united with the Bibleway Pentecostal Church under the leadership of District Elder J. D. Moore. There he grew in ministry and became the Assistant Pastor, Young Peoples President and Sunday school Superintendent. For five years he continued there in faithfulness to the work of the Lord and to Leadership, showing all the signs of the call that was to be upon his life.

As he acknowledged the call to Pastor, the Lord led Apostle Bowens to San Marcos, Texas there the El Bethel Temple was founded at 404 Centre Street. After two year of growth, the ministry relocated to Austin, Texas and was established as the Bethel Christian Family Church. God’s plans for Apostle Bowens were just beginning and the best was yet to come. Today, the ministry is known as New Life Apostolic Family Worship Center, Raising the Standard Ministries, Inc.

Apostle J. R. Bowens is the founder and Leader of this great ministry, but he is the first to tell you that Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone of New Life Apostolic Family Worship Center, Raising the Standard Ministries, Inc, just as Jesus Christ is the Chief cornerstone of his life.

For speaking engagements, contact Minister Robin Bowens at (512) 673-2852.

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