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October 2000

The Class of 43 meets at Luby's Cafeteria on the first Wednesday of
each month, we had 17 at the October 2000 luncheon. 
They were:  Riley and Becky Sue Foyil, Beverly Gilbert, Bob Hensley,
Ed and Pat Borofsky, Laura and Roger Swift, John and Ruth (Harvey)
Kirkpatrick, Jo Ann (Perry) and Bill Huffman, Jerry and
Donna Carman, Bill and Nancy Allen, and Virgie (Bittle) Tucker.

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Jerry and Donna Carman

Jerry Carman's wife Donna entered six baking entries in the fair and
won Four "1st" Place Blue Ribbons and Two Sweepstakes.
Everyone is very proud of Donna.

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Beverly Gilbert and pat Borofsky


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Jo Ann (Perry Huffman and Becky Sue Foyil


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Virgie (Bittle) Tucker and Bill Allen

We were pleased to have Bill and Nancy Allen present this month.
Bill is our Class President and an outstanding gentleman!!


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Ruth (Harvey Kirkpatrick and Roger Swift

We were pleased to have Ruth (Harvey Kirkpatrick and Roger Swift
who came down from Grand Lake for the luncheon.


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Nancy Allen and Bob Hensley


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Bill Huffman, Jerry Carman and Ed Borofsky


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Pat Borofsky and Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman


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Bill Huffman, Ed Borofsky and Roger Swift


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collecting material for the Central web page.  If you have
any ideas or pictures, contact them at home address,
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