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March 2001


We had a really good group for the March lunch and everyone had a
very good time.  We had three who had not been to the lunch in quite
awhile and we were sure glad to see the.  They were Beryl Ford, who
has been sick for a long time, Jeanne Redden Paul, and Virginia Burlingame.
Beryl is looking real good and is even back to doing some work.  He left to
go to a job after lunch and we all told him not to fall off any of those houses
he climbs up on.  Jeanne and Virginia are both doing real well and said they
would  try to come to more of the luncheons in the future.

Bill Huffman who is Jo Ann Perry Huffman's husband has been ill and they
had to leave early for a doctor's appointment.  We hope that it is nothing serious.

Ed and Pat Borofsky drive over from Rogers, Arkansas just about every month
for the luncheon. We can count on them being here baring sickness or something
pressing.   Real faithful!!

Those present were:
Bill and Jo Ann Perry Huffman, Beryl Ford,
Riley and Becky Sue Foyil
Ed and Pat Borofsky, Bevery Gilbert
Roger and Laura Swift, Virgie Bittle Tucker,
Virginia Burlingame, and
Bill and Nancy Allen



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Bill and Jo Ann Perry Huffman

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Beryl Ford

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Becky Sue Foyil

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Pat Borofsky

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Beverly Gilbert

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Roger Swift

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Jeanne Redden Paul

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Bill Allen

mar09~01.jpg (21139 bytes)
Nancy Allen

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Virgie Bittle Tucker

mar11~01.jpg (25804 bytes)
Laura Swift

mar12~01.jpg (21271 bytes)
Virginia Burlingame

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Ed Borofsky


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