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March 2007

We had a light turnout for the luncheon on March 7th
as many were probably saving themselves for the dinner
to be held two nights later.


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Ruth Harvey kirkpatrick - R.E. Baubien & Bob Todd


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Virgie Bittle Tucker - Bob Hensley & Margie Hanks Todd



The class met on March 9th for dinner at the Steak n' Ale.
We had 35 people attend and a GREAT TIME!
There was alot of smiling, chatting, and warm welcomes
It was a lovely evening.

It was good to see Roger Swift and first timer
Jimmy Moore and his wife Rosanna.

We are planning on having the next dinner at
the Petroleum Club, but the date is not settled.
We will let you know.

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Jerry Carman & Dick Howser

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Dollie (Curtis) Fowler,  Ruth (Austin) Justus & Donna Carman


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Dorothy (Lewis) & Tom Lynch

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Bob & Anne McDowell


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John Kirkpatrick


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Rhoda (Hazen) Bailey


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Dick Howser


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Marge (Stanley) Glenn & Garvin Berry


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Bill & Nancy Allen


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Ruth (Austin) Justus


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Thank You Joe Ashlock for the Flowers!


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Donna Carman


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Bob Todd & Ruth (Harvey) Kirkpatrick


PICT147.jpg (50163 bytes)
Jimmy Moore


PICT148.jpg (47246 bytes)
Rosanna Moore


PICT149.jpg (30091 bytes)
Roger Swift


PICT150.jpg (36940 bytes)
Laura Swift


PICT120.jpg (40508 bytes)
Lydia Ford


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Deanna (McLane) Clements





We would like to encourage any classmates
to come to Luby's at 71st and Riverside on
the first Wednesday of the month at 11:30 am
and have lunch with everyone....
We have fun meeting old friends and
solving the world's problems.



Update courtesy John & Ruth Kirkpatrick


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