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65th Class Reunion
September 2008

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All Classmates not in picture:  Betty Anne Earley Looney and Riley Foyil


It was graduation day for the Class of 43 from Tulsa Central High School.
With a class numbering 1012, we were ready to open new doors and
a new exciting life.   Some went to work, some went off to war and some
started college near and far.

Now it is 2008 and this past weekend; we celebrated our 65th reunion.
Due to wars and passing time, the nearest we can figure there are about
500 of us still here.  Our turnout of over 100 was pretty good for folks
81 to 83 years old.  Some carrying too much weight and some not
nearly enough, but after several "I'm sorry, what's your name,"  It was
great to see how well we renewed some wonderful friendships. 

We met Friday evening September 12th at the Embassy Suites Hotel
about 5 o'clock.  They gave us a corner on the second floor so we could
use the balcony area and a suite to serve drinks and hors d'oeuvres.
There was alot of table hopping, hugs and smiles.  I realized that as
soon as I knew their name, all I had to do was look into their eyes and
yes, there they were.   

Saturday was a full day, breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, cocktails at 5,
a dinner at 6 with Sonny Gray playing the piano for dinner and his
combo for dancing later.  The tables for eight were decorated with
Tom Toms, Oh Great Spirit Statues and Indian teepees.  We owe
Joe Ashlock a BIG THANKS for the wine and champagne for our
toast.  Our emcee was Garvin Berry and of course he was at his
best.  Our class president, Bill Allen welcomed us.  John Harley gave
the Invocation followed by Bob Hensley leading us in The Pledge
of Allegiance.  A toast to the class was given by Lloyd Coats.
Jean Redden Paul read the poem "We Are The Class of 43,"
written by Peggy Comfort Wetter years ago. Virginia Burlingame
reminded us that in 1943, the Central High School Band was all
male and the first-class stamp was three cents.  Gwen Gilbert  told
a story about Ethel Crate's Beautification Room Program.  If a
student did someting wrong in class, they contributed to the program.
One young fellow dropped his Lucky Strikes on her desk, wonder
what they cost him?  By May, she had the prettiest room in the
school.  Joan Wolfe King finished our program with a story about
Sam Byrd, our famous math teacher.  One time a student asked him
why he left the room during their test.  He replied, "I had to, other-
wise no one would pass."  It was nice to fondly remember our
teachers and even do a few imitations.  They were the ones who
gave us a good education and foundation for life. 

The school hymn, "Oh Great Spirit" was led by Dorothy Lewis
and Garvin Berry.  Awards were given to Joe Ashlock for traveling
the farthest--Anchorage, Alaska.  To Bonnie Mayer Brooks for
having the most great grandchildren--eighteen.  Our tireless
leader and the lady that keeps us inspired and together, Ruth
Harvey Kirkpatrick  thanked her committee and all those that had
a part in the program.   We ended by singing our own special
rendition of "Thanks For the Memories" written once more by
our own talented Peggy Comfort Wetter.

Many pictures were taken so at the end of the program a
professional photographer took a group picture of the alums. 
Even though it has been said that women live longer than men,
our group seems evenly divided.  The fellows must be doing
something right - don't suppose they had a little help from their
spouse!  When we left some were still dancing to Sonny's great
music, maybe to "Till We Meet Again" or "I'll Be Seeing You."

To Close, let me remind you that the first Wednesday of the
month we meet 11:30 am at Luby's on 71st & Riverside for
lunch.  Also, every three months we have a dinner.  The
Kirkpatrick's, John and Ruth (Harvey) come in all the way from
Grand Lake and Walter Price comes from Stillwater.  Come
join us at our next lunch or dinner.  Call Bob Hensley,
918-742-2725 for dinner reservations he would like to hear
from you.

From 1943 to 2008, we have covered alot of territory.
Stay well, stay in touch and stay happy.
Hopefully, we can have another get-together sometime
in the future.


Connie Osborn Hill

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Bill Ziegenhain, Ann Little Franklin & Margie Hanks Todd

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Lydia Ford, Dollie Curtis Fower, Ruth Austin Justus,
Ruth Harvey Kirkpatrick, Handsome Joe Ashlock,
Virgie Bittle Tucker & Adele Borne Spenser

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The Loveless twins - Margie Semke & Mary Lou Burkitt

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Ruth Harvey Kirkpatrick, Joan Wolf King &
Pearl Shea Ingram

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Blaine Miller & Norma McMillan Anderson


If you have digital pictures of the reunion that
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We would like to encourage any classmates
to come to Luby's at 71st and Riverside on
the first Wednesday of the month at 11:30 am
and have lunch with everyone....
We have fun meeting old friends and
solving the world's problems.



Update courtesy John & Ruth Kirkpatrick

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Thank you Riley Foyil for
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Joe C. Ashlock


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