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April 2001

The Tulsa Central Class of 1943 had a dinner
at the Fountains Restaurant, April 6, 2001 at 6 PM.  There were 23
present and a good time was had by all.   VIrginia (Coop) O'Brien
attended a dinner for the first time and we were very glad to see
her.  Helen (Blackmore) Chapin and Glen Chapin were back with
us after a long absence, mostly due to illness, and it was very good
to see them again.  We also had our Class President and Class Vice
President, Bill Allen and Garvin Berry with us.   We had very good
leadership in our Class and we appreciate both Bill and Garvin for
all they have done for the Class of 43.   Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman who
has been our Class Chairperson for many years and done an excellent
job, gave a report on the Class and reminded us that if we wanted to
have a 60th reunion that we need to start preparing before to long.
Don't forget that we have lunch at Luby's at 31st & Garnett the first
Wednesday of every month and the next dinner will be in November.

Those attending were:
Bill and Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman,
Beryl and Lydia Ford,
Riley and Becky Sue Foyil
Virginia (Coop) O'Brien,
Richard and Laurene Howser,
Bob and Dorothy Hensley,
Glenn and Helen (Blackmore) Chapin,
Garvin and Marjorie Berry
Robert and Margie (Hanks) Todd
Roger and Laura Swift,
Jerry and Donna Carman, and
Bill and Nancy Allen



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Donna Carman & Becky Sue Foyil

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Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman & Laura Swift

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Laura & Roger Swift

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Bill Allen, Jerry Carman & Nancy Allen

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Bill Huffman

may06~01.jpg (19102 bytes)
Richard (Dick) Howser

may07~01.jpg (19215 bytes)
Laurene Howser

may16~01.jpg (34028 bytes)
Riley Foyil
"Class of 1943's Excellent Website Photographer"

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Virginia (Coop) O'Brien

may11~01.jpg (21061 bytes)
Lydia Ford

may10~01.jpg (17397 bytes)
Beryl Ford

may09~01.jpg (29582 bytes)
Dorothy & Bob Hensley

may15~01.jpg (21180 bytes)
Marjorie Berry

may12~01.jpg (25289 bytes)
Margie (Hanks) & Robert Todd

may13~01.jpg (25079 bytes)
Glenn Chapin

may17~01.jpg (23509 bytes)
Garvin Berry & Bill Allen

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Helen (Blackmore) Chapin & Laura Swift

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