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November 2008

Lunch & Dinner the same day on November 5th was
quite a treat but we made it.  We discussed who
would be at the Dinner. Lunch was at Luby's at 71st
& Riverside as usual.  Sure would like to have more
people - we discuss anything & everything.


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Virgie Bittle Tucker, Jerry Carman, Beverly Gilbert,
Connie Osborn Hill & Lydia Ford


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Beryl Ford, Patty Borofsky, Ruth Harvey Kirkpatrick & Donna Carman


The Dinner was a great success, Our Chairman Bob Henley,
made all the arrangements.  A few new people and some of
the regulars, the Allens, the Carmans. Garvin Berry & the
Swifts were all missing. 

The dinner was at the Petroleum Club of Tulsa and we had a
marvelous view of Tulsa from the 15th floor.
We look forward to the next dinner in March.


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Anne McDowell, Virgie Bittle Tucker, Dorothy Lewis Lynch

PICT0388.JPG (65995 bytes)
Virginia Burlingame, Blanche Tiffany Whitney, Gwen Ward Gilbert
& Jean Redden Paul


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Lydia Ford, Beryl Ford, Beverly Gilbert, Patty Borofsky

PICT0392.JPG (73877 bytes)
John Kirkpatrick, Bob Todd, Margie Hanks Todd

PICT0394.JPG (64612 bytes)
Bob Hensley, Margie Whitt, Doug Whitt, Dorothy Hensley

We would like to encourage any classmates
to come to Luby's at 71st and Riverside on
the first Wednesday of the month at 11:30 am
and have lunch with everyone....
We have fun meeting old friends and
solving the world's problems.



Update courtesy John & Ruth Kirkpatrick

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