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August 2001


We had a good group of people at the Luncheon on 1 Aug 01.  There were 19
present and we had a grand time.  Last month we only had seven and we were well pleased with the turnout this month.

Those present were:  Nancy and Bill Allen, Bob Hensley,
Virginia Burlingame, Riley and Becky Sue Foyil, John and Ruth
(Harvey) Kirkpatrick, Dick (Richard) and Laurene Howser, Bob and Betty
(Elizabeth Saunders) Awenius, Beryl and Lydia Ford, Jean (Redden) Paul,
Virgie (Bittle) .Tucker, Roger and Laura Swift, and Donna Carman.

It was reported that our Chairperson, Jo Ann (Perry) Huffman, is very ill
with breast cancer so keep her in your prayers.

Beryl Ford has recovered from cancer and is going strong.  He is back working
and is doing great even in all this hot weather we have had. Over 100 degrees
for more than ten days.  Beryl had a display titled; "Beryl D. Ford's Early
Day Tulsa:  Indian Territory to Statehood" in the Tulsa Community College,
Southeast Campus, HWY 169 & 81st St. from July 14 to August 4, 2nd floor
Student Center Building 9.

Beryl was also featured in the Monthly Bulletin Of The Engineers' Society Of
Tulsa with his picture and a write up about his display at the Tulsa
Community College.

John and Ruth (Harvey) Kirkpatrick were down from Grove, OK for the luncheon
and we were happy to see them.  Both have health problems so keep them in
your prayers also.

Laurent Howser, Dick Howser's wife has been ill but it recovering swiftly.

Riley Foyil's wife, Becky Sue, had surgery and things did not go well but she
is still recovering and we are hoping for a complete recovery in the future.

Jerry Carman could not attend as he was out on his place bailing hay!! 
" Hot Job".
His wife Donna was there and gave us this report.  Get all that farm work
done Jerry and get back to the luncheons.

Hang in there, "like a hair in a biscuit" so we can make our 60th Reunion!!


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   collecting material for the Central web page.  If you have
any ideas or pictures, contact them at home address,
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